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Over the years, AllCloud has developed a wide range of solutions for AWS, all stemming from the pain points of real AllCloud customers. As we continue to develop and expand these solutions, we also look for ways to improve how we can deliver them to our clients. 

That’s why we created AllCloud’s Solutions Factory, a suite of solutions to help customers expedite AWS cloud adoption and expansion based on best practice, ready-to-implement architectures. By leveraging the Solutions Factory, customers can easily and securely deploy workloads as well as solve other issues around migration and modernization, DevOps and automation, cost optimization, security, and cloud management.

All the AllCloud Benefits, in One Package

As a solutions provider for cloud migration and management, one of our objectives is to help customers quickly get the most out of AWS, so they can focus on what’s truly important – further innovating their products and services. 

However, we see no reason to reinvent the wheel. AllCloud solutions are tried and tested, built on AWS best practices and automation. So we’ve packaged them in the Solutions Factory.

AllCloud Solutions Factory currently offers 17 AWS solutions that span the entire cloud journey including solutions for Migration and Modernization, DevOps and Automation and Managed Services. By participating in the AllCloud Engage, AllCloud’s comprehensive managed services framework, customers are granted access to all of the available and future solutions just by being an AWS Reseller customer. So, if an onboarded customer has an issue that can be addressed by a solution in the Solutions Factory, they can deploy the best practice architecture themselves (time and knowledge permitting), or they can turn to AllCloud and our team will deploy it for them.

There are already hundreds of AllCloud Engage Essential customers onboarded to the program, enjoying immense cost optimization benefits and immediate access to our solutions and implementation support. 

A Peek Inside the Tool Kit

The most popular solution in the Factory toolbox is our AWS Next-Generation Landing Zone, also featured on the AWS website. Part of the Migration and Modernization category in the Solutions Factory, NGLZ has been leveraged by clients like ADAMA, and has seen major success, thanks to its significant time-saving and efficiency-boosting impact for AWS migration for organizations of all sizes. 

Another solution you can find in the Solutions Factory is AllCloud NAT Gateway Analyzer, part of the Managed Services category. This solution significantly benefited AllCloud customer SentinelOne, which used NAT Gateway Analyzer to pinpoint abnormally high traffic passing through Nat Gateway, enabling the AllCloud team to adjust the architecture as necessary and reduce data transfer costs.

Back to the Migration and Modernization category, our Easy EKS is an infrastructure-as-code (IaC) Kubernetes automation that applies best practices and know-how to a Terraform solution, to quickly create, configure and manage Kubernetes clusters on AWS. Read more about how iGaming company BlueRibbon used Easy EKS to enjoy the full benefits of Kubernetes capabilities without the steep learning curve usually required by the system. 

These are just three examples of what the rich Solutions Factory tool kit has to offer. AllCloud’s AWS Managed Services customers are already using or benefiting from these best-practice solutions as part of AllCloud’s internal tool kit. Now, they are available for use by any AWS customer who joins AllCloud Engage Essential.

Where Solutions Factory is headed

AllCloud has just launched its latest solution, Environment-as-a-Service (EaaS), for both Single Page Application (SPA) and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). The SPA EaaS solution provides an environment for building SPA on AWS and serving them via a Content Delivery Network (CDN). The EKS EaaS solution provides a consistent and Well-Architected method for deploying and managing Kubernetes-based applications. Overall, the EaaS solutions offer a deployment fabric that has a set of ready-made infrastructure and automation components to speed up the application development life-cycle, alleviate management overhead and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for AWS customers.

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs about new AWS Solutions Factory solutions, how the different solutions work together to create a comprehensive deployment blueprint, and how they add value to AllCloud customers – and to you.

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