Next-Gen Managed
Services Solutions

As an Audited AWS Managed Services Partner, AllCloud’s Next-Gen Managed Service solutions provide ongoing infrastructure management and optimization, employing tooling and automation to increase efficiency while reducing operational overhead and risk.

The Solutions Factory offers an ever-growing Managed Service solution portfolio guaranteeing you continuous business agility, focus and strict governance.

Easy SSO

Automates the management and mapping of (IDP groups/users) IAM roles across AWS Organizations organizational units (OUs)/AWS accounts instead of manual setup for each role in each account.

NAT Gateway Analyzer

Grants valuable insights into the traffic passing through the NAT Gateway and uses Amazon Athena and QuickSight to query and visualize traffic.

Organization Budget Control

Provides a simple mechanism for managing large-scaled, tag-based budget alerts. Alerts may include different notifications, budget amounts and periods, and be denominated in various currencies.

Cost Management and Optimization program

The ready-to-implement solutions of AllCloud’s Solutions Factory are being offered to members of AllCloud’s Cost Management and Optimization program as part of a comprehensive service package. 

With full access to the Solutions Factory, and continuous and proactive support of our FinOps team and solution architects, the program guarantees that your cloud environment remains at the cutting edge of cost-efficiency and transparency.

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