Solutions Factory

Streamline Cloud Operations with Agile, Secure

and Cost-efficient Solutions Based on AWS Best Practices

What Is Solutions Factory?

AllCloud’s Solutions Factory is an ever-growing collection of fully-automated, ready-to-deploy AWS CloudFormation architecture blueprints, offered as part of AllCloud’s Cost Management and Optimization program to expedite your adoption and expansion of AWS.

Our Customer Success

Solutions Factory Benefits

Faster Development

Leverage automated, reproducible and
fully-managed turn-key
solutions with no maintenance

Solid Foundation

Establish a solid cloud groundwork from day one, built with the AWS
Well-Architected Framework.


Improve time-to-value and operational excellence by realizing more value faster from AWS technology.

Designed by AWS Experts

The Solution Factory has been developed as part of AllCloud’s strategic collaboration agreement with AWS, aiming to accelerate AWS customers’ digital transformations.

As an AWS Premier Consulting and Managed Service Provider Partner with over 200 AWS certifications and six competencies, AllCloud is the ideal partner to ensure your organization’s continued success throughout the cloud journey.

Your Cloud Journey
Begins Here

The Solutions Factory allows you to continuously innovate with turn-key solutions for every stage of your organization’s cloud journey: starting with migration and modernization, covering security, compliance and DevOps, all while optimizing cloud cost and governance.

What Our
Customers Are Saying

…Since using the AllCloud custom-made
solution, NAT Gateway Analyzer, we have been able to better pinpoint which services are
sending data through NAT Gateway and
optimize our architecture accordingly….

Cost Management &
Optimization Program

The ready-to-implement solutions of AllCloud’s Solutions Factory are being offered to members of AllCloud’s Cost Management and Optimization 
program as part of a comprehensive service package.

With full access to the Solutions Factory, and continuous and proactive support
of our FinOps team and solution
architects, the program guarantees that your cloud environment remains at the cutting edge of cost-efficiency and transparency.

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Join the Cost Management and Optimization program
now to gain full access to the Solutions Factory.

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John Hanchak

John Hanchak joined AllCloud in 2021 and is responsible for the talent strategy across the company.  As Chief People Officer, John leads the global Employee Success (ES) team and is responsible for leading all ES functions worldwide, including talent acquisition and management, compensation, ES operations, and employee experience and engagement.

He has over 20 years of experience with high-growth technology companies, leading talent acquisition within both large global brands and start-up organizations. In previous positions, John worked as the leader in Talent Acquisition at Egnyte, Hitachi Vantara, Jive Software, Achievers, and inCode Wireless. He has spent his career focused on talent strategies to ensure maximum business growth and the best employment experience.