DevOps and
Automation Solutions

As an AWS DevOps Competency Partner, relying on cutting-edge DevOps methodologies and tools, AllCloud’s solutions expedite deployment, while integrating automation pipelines and alleviating cloud-orchestration complexities.

The Solutions Factory offers an ever-growing DevOps and Automation solution portfolio allowing you to continuously innovate while getting the most of your DevOps operations.

Amazon ElasticSearch with SAML Integration

This solution creates an Amazon Elasticsearch domain with a custom FQDN, and configures the authentication and authorization of Amazon Elasticsearch to work with any SAML2.0-supported identity provider, such as AWS SSO, Onelogin, Okta and more.

Docker CI on AWS CodeBuild

This solution provides a simple and straightforward Docker CI process which results in Docker images for production and pre-production in Amazon ECR repositories.  It integrates with Github and Bitbucket repositories and automatically configures webhooks that detect changes in the code repository.

Terraform Delivery Pipeline

The Terraform Delivery Pipeline provides a secure and consistent method of applying Terraform Infrastructure-as-Code(IaC) in multi-account and multi-region scenarios using GitOps. The solution takes care of state management, execution order and history, and prevents parallel executions.

Automatic Resource Tagging

The Automatic Resource Tagging solution provides a simple mechanism to automatically tag S3 buckets, EC2 and RDS instances with an “owner” tag, which greatly improves the ease of cost allocation and governance. The solution is especially useful in shared AWS environment scenarios and allows for automatic pinpointing of resource owners.

Cost Management and Optimization program

The ready-to-implement solutions of AllCloud’s Solutions Factory are being offered to members of AllCloud’s Cost Management and Optimization program as part of a comprehensive service package. 

With full access to the Solutions Factory, and continuous and proactive support of our FinOps team and solution architects, the program guarantees that your cloud environment remains at the cutting edge of cost-efficiency and transparency.

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