Migration and
Modernization Solutions

As an AWS Migration Competency Partner, AllCloud’s solutions are designed to expedite your cloud journey, specifically addressing today’s newest cloud security challenges while leveraging modern container-based computation.

The Solutions Factory offers an ever-growing Migration and Modernization solution portfolio allowing you to continuously innovate and modernize your cloud.

Next-Generation Landing Zone Shield

The AllCloud Next-Generation Landing Zone Shield is an add-on that provides a Data Perimeter implementation for AWS organizations that set a layer of defense similar to a firewall policy. NGLZ Shield provides guardrails that act as “always on” boundaries to help protect your data across a broad set of AWS accounts and resources. The guardrails help improve your overarching security strategy by ensuring that all AWS Identities, roles and resources adhere to a set of defined security standards.

Next Generation Landing Zone (NGLZ)

The AllCloud Next-Generation Landing Zone (NGLZ) is a best-practice framework for enterprise-grade AWS environments. The NGLZ is built to configure and update multi-account, multi-region AWS Organizations (OUs) based on AWS services. The solution works as a security baseline to lay the foundation for a cloud migration or any modernization journey, or to manage large and growing AWS environments.

NGLZ for Financial Institutes (FSI)

AllCloud has now developed an FSI Blueprint, based on existing NGLZ solutions, that will enable FSIs the freedom to mobilize workloads to the cloud by implementing the same or even higher levels of security, management, and compliance as their current data center. FSIs will then be able to deploy their core workloads (for example banking) on AWS without going through application refactoring or modernization.

Perimeter and WAF Protection

This holistic security solution has been designed by combining a suite of AWS-native services to ensure solid and managed perimeter protection and to enhance resilience from malicious attacks and abnormal activity.

Easy EKS

Easy EKS is an Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) Kubernetes automation package which applies best-practices and know-how to a Terraform solution, to quickly create, configure and manage Kubernetes clusters on AWS. Easy EKS reduces deployment time, provides a consistent setup, is fully customizable and provides out-of-the-box complimentary tools to Amazon EKS, such as cluster and service autoscalers, and logging and monitoring agents.

Well-Architected Turn-Key Startup Package

This Startup Package is designed for customers onboarding new workloads and systems to the cloud. The package serves as a fully configured solution built in compliance with the AWS Well-Architected Framework pillars.

NGLZ for China

This solution is derived from the NGLZ Core and has been adapted to AWS China where the functionality of AWS Control Tower is not available.

NGLZ for GovCloud

This solution is derived from the NGLZ Core and has been adapted to AWS GovCloud where the functionality of AWS Control Tower is not available.

NGLZ Networks

This solution provides a framework that automates network operations in a “Network” account inside of an AWS Organization. A Network account is a dedicated AWS account used for provisioning, management, and sharing of network components (such as VPCs, subnets, WAF, Network Firewall, etc.) across the organization and is designed to use a Hub and Spoke network model, where AWS Transit Gateway (Hub) is connecting the organization’s VPCs (Spoke).

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