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From Startup to IPO, a World Leader in Crime-fighting Tech Migrates to AWS to Support Scale

About Cellebrite

Cellebrite is a world leader in the field of Digital Intelligence, providing a suite of tools and solutions for the modernization of law enforcement and investigative workflows. The Cellebrite platform is used in the state, local, and federal government agencies, border security, criminal investigation units, corrections facilities, and environmental crime investigations to streamline processes and make our world safer.

Cellebrite was Founded in 1999 in Israel and has since expanded worldwide to 14 locations. In 2021, the company was listed publicly on Nasdaq following a successful IPO. Cellebrite is one of the earliest adopters of cloud technology and a long-standing AllCloud customer. Over the past decade, AllCloud has been Cellebrite’s preferred partner, guiding and supporting the company through modernization and scale of its cloud environment as it grew from startup to public company.


Law enforcement and crime investigation workflows are becoming ever more complex, involving an increasing number of tools and applications, enormous amounts of data, and the need for massive raw processing power. Governments, police forces, and the court system must be able to integrate all these systems in order to effectively investigate and fight crime. Cellebrite was looking to migrate its Digital Intelligence product suite to AWS in order to support the growing demands of its customer base and scale its capabilities and operations. A long-standing AllCloud customer and early cloud adopter, Cellebrite turned to AllCloud as its trusted partner to plan out the migration of one of its products with AllCloud’s Next-Generation Landing Zone (NGLZ), and deploy via AWS MAP. The result was astounding – a fast, secure deployment and significant cost savings via AWS subsidized funding. The company is planning to migrate all of its products to AWS and become nearly data center-less over the next three years, with the AllCloud expert team by its side.


Cellebrite’s Digital Intelligence tools are designed to support law enforcement in maintaining public order and safety. The product suite includes solutions covering the entire lifecycle of criminal cases, from first responders to forensic laboratories, police investigations, court procedures, convictions, and corrections. 

Cellebrite products are used in the field by law enforcement officers and demand a rugged and simple Windows-based UX that supports complex, integrated workflows. As the world evolves and technological capabilities improve, criminal investigations are becoming far more complicated, involving numerous devices, masses of data, and high processing power to drill through and derive the necessary insights. A typical criminal case may involve up to 30 different devices and apps, all of which must communicate and integrate together to ensure the highest efficiency and accuracy along the entire investigative workflow.

Cellebrite had been very much an on-prem and even a desktop application vendor. However, with the tremendous scale of Cellebrite’s customer base, and the increasing demand for its streamlined solution suite, Cellebrite began the process of SaaSification, aiming to migrate fully to the cloud and completely consolidate its data centers within three years.


Taking a gradual approach to modernization, AllCloud initiated several migration projects, working in parallel to migrate different parts of the Cellebrite platform to AWS.

The first project involved the architecting and engineering of Cellebrite Guardian, a cloud-based Evidence & Workflow Management tool for the management, storage, sharing and reviewing of case evidence. The AllCloud team was involved from the initial inception through the architecting process with the Next-Generation Landing Zone (NGLZ), specifying high and low-level design and implementation, and providing DevOps to get the tool fully running in the cloud according to current best practices. The migration was conducted via the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) for an expedited and proficient deployment at the highest level, while securing crucial AWS funding and support, leading to significant cost savings for Cellebrite.

The SaaSification of Cellebrite continues apace. With the outstanding success of the first AWS MAP project, the company is on track to SaaSify a further 10 to 15 products in the near future, with AllCloud as their migration expert partner.


The migration of Cellebrite Guardian to AWS was a success in terms of speed, quality and cost-efficacy. 

  • The AllCloud team pumped Cellebrite with the right architects and resources, and within 4 months, the Guardian product was up and running in the cloud. 
  • The AWS migration enabled Cellebrite to undergo exponential growth and scale its business on both the product and IT sides with peace of mind. Over the past 18 months, Cellebrite has grown its cloud consumption by 5X.
  • Cellebrite has already shut down one of its data centers and consolidated and closed several server rooms. The company now operates with just one data center, with plans to eventually shut it down after the migration journey is complete.
  • Thanks to the success of the pilot migration, Cellebrite is planning to migrate all 4 lines of its business to AWS. The company will take advantage of the many benefits of AWS MAP with each line having its own MAP migration. 
  • Cellebrite enjoyed significant cost savings of approximately $500K of AWS subsidized funding acquired by AllCloud on the company’s behalf. In addition to funds, Cellebrite also accessed valuable AWS methodology before deployment, ensuring the most extensive and expedited AWS migration possible.

According to Cellebrite, the relationship with the AllCloud team was an essential part of the successful engagement. 

With Cellebrite, AllCloud’s role as cloud migration and modernization facilitator to the startup industry is clear. Beyond the startup phase, AllCloud has been the ideal partner for Cellebrite as it scaled to become a public company, and will continue to accompany the Cellebrite team as it grows and disrupts the world of Digital Intelligence.

“I’m not sure we could have done this smooth migration without AllCloud. Certainly, it would have taken twice as long with many bumps in the road. We see AllCloud as our partner for everything AWS, but not just any partner, an actual value-generating partner.” – Gadi Rapaport, VP Global IT, Cellebrite