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AllCloud is your cloud migration partner, working in tandem with your IT team to ensure a smooth, efficient cloud transition. Since every organization has different needs, we provide enterprise customers two cloud adoption choices for success – Enterprise Integration and Application Migration. Enterprise Integration provides a way to quickly migrate your workloads to the cloud while remaining secure and compliant; and Application Migration rearchitects your platform and applications to take advantage of the cloud’s scalability, performance and cost benefits.

“Once they decided to move to the cloud, the Pango team set out to find the right partner to manage the move from end-to-end. They found that partner in AllCloud.“

Cloud Migration

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AllCloud's Enterprise Landing Zone

The Landing Zone solution is an enterprise-grade cloud operations technology and series of methodologies used by organizations to securely adopt, implement and operate their AWS environments at scale. Organizations use the cloud operations technology to automatically set up, monitor and govern their AWS environments. The Landing Zone consists of templatized environments based on a series of pragmatic “best practices” gathered from over 10 years of hands-on AWS experience and provides a ready-made but customizable solution that suits every organization IT and business needs. The automated solution takes into account end-to-end security and DevOps pipelines and operates as a self-service platform to accelerate migration and development on the public cloud.