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Launch an Agile, Secure and Cost-efficient Cloud Operation
Based on AWS Best Practices

AllCloud’s Solutions Factory is an ever-growing collection of fully-automated, ready-to-deploy AWS CloudFormation architecture blueprints, designed to expedite your adoption and expansion of AWS. The Solutions Factory allows you to:

  • Improve time to market and business agility by significantly speeding up deployment times.
  • Implement tried-and-tested solutions built with the AWS Well-Architected Framework, from day one.
  • Leverage automated, reproducible and fully-managed turn-key solutions with no maintenance required.

“…Since using the AllCloud custom-made solution, NAT Gateway Analyzer, we have been able to better pinpoint which services are sending data through NAT Gateway and optimize our architecture accordingly….” 

Yaron Avior, Head of Infrastructure, SentinelOne.

Expedite Your Cloud Adoption with the AllCloud Solutions Factory

The Solutions Factory helps you hit the ground running with ready-made, automated solutions and proven technologies that expedite time to market and streamline AWS operations.

The Solutions Factory covers all facets of a professional cloud operation including Security, Compliance, Migrations and Modernization, DevOps, Cost and Governance and will aid you in getting the most out of AWS, swiftly and cost-efficiently. 

Your AWS Premier Partner for Designing and Building a Custom SaaS Solution

The ready-to-implement solutions of AllCloud’s Solution Factory are being offered to members of AllCloud’s Cost Management and Optimization program as part of a comprehensive service package, ensuring our customer’s agility, continuous innovation and cost efficiency. Join the program to gain full access to the Solutions Factory.

Migration & Modernization

Next Generation Landing Zone (NGLZ)

AllCloud’s fully automated, enterprise-scale governance and security solution, built to configure and update a multi-account, multi-region AWS organization, based on AWS best practices and cloud-native services.

Perimeter and Web Application Protection

A holistic security solution for WAF, WAP and DDoS, designed by combining a suite of AWS-native services to ensure solid and managed perimeter protection and enhance resilience from malicious attacks and abnormal activity.

Easy EKS

An Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) Kubernetes automation package which applies best-practices to a Terraform solution, to quickly create, configure and manage Kubernetes clusters on AWS.

Startup Launch Pad

Designed for customers onboarding new workloads and systems to the cloud. The startup package serves as a fully configured solution built in compliance with the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

DevOps & Automation

Amazon ElasticSearch with SAML Integration

Creates an Amazon Elasticsearch domain with a custom FQDN, and configures the authentication and authorization of Amazon Elasticsearch to work with any SAML 2.0-supported identity provider.

Docker CI on AWS CodeBuild

Provides a simple and straightforward Docker CI process which results in Docker images for production and pre-production in Amazon ECR repositories.

Terraform Delivery Pipeline

Enables a secure and consistent method of applying Terraform Infrastructure-as-Code(IaC) to multi-account and multi-region scenarios using GitOps.

Automatic Resource Tagging

Provides a simple mechanism to automatically tag S3 buckets, EC2 and RDS instances with an “owner” tag, which greatly improves the ease of cost allocation and governance.

Next-Gen Managed Services

CloudHealth Integration

Automates the creation of cross-account IAM roles and IAM permissions, which are required by CloudHealth’s cost analysis tool.

NAT Gateway Analyzer

Grants valuable insights into the traffic passing through the NAT Gateway and uses Amazon Athena and QuickSight to query and visualize traffic.

Organization Budget Control

Provides a simple mechanism for managing large-scaled, tag-based budget alerts. Alerts may include different notifications, budget amounts and periods, and be denominated in various currencies.

Coming Soon

  • Serverless Delivery Pipeline
  • Security Findings – Auto Remediation Package
  • Central Compliance Log Viewer
  • SaaS Churn Prediction Platform

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