Salesforce Consumer Goods Assessment

Digitally transform your business across the entire value chain



of consumer goods leaders say merchandising and marketing plans aren’t executed as intended.* 


To stay competitive and future-proof in today’s market, consumer goods companies need to look at how they optimize and invest to deliver an enhanced experience across their entire value chain, while simultaneously eliminating wasted spend.

Evaluate how Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud could fit into your organization and deliver against your long-term strategy.

AllCloud’s 2 week assessment and custom engagement offers customers the opportunity to work with AllCloud consumer goods business experts to evaluate how Consumer Goods Cloud and Salesforce can fit into your organization to deliver your business long-term strategy.

Best practice led sessions focused on:

Engagement Planning

Retail Execution

Cross Channel Service & Support

We’ll define a custom high-level solution focused on how Salesforce fits in your organization, including:

High-level solution roadmap with recommendations 

Capability Chart Mapping highlighting key fit product components

✓ Roles development and suggested guidelines

✓ Risk assessment areas overview

License Requirements

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*Source: Salesforce, 2019 Report: Consumer Goods and the Battle for B2B and B2C Relationships

The New Commerce Imperative

How retail, consumer goods and commerce companies can deliver on the omnipresent retail imperative with Salesforce