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How Israel Post Embraced Salesforce to Modernize Their Courier Services

Field Service Lightning (FSL) is one of the areas where Salesforce really brings together the digital and physical worlds, making it easy to see the vast benefits of the cloud in connecting businesses to their customers. Our recent success story with Israel Post shows how the FSL platform can be leveraged to create a complete field service solution for dispatchers, and the true value it brought and continues to bring to their business. 

Mark Cattini, SVP and GM of Field Service at Salesforce explains it very clearly. “Advances in consumer technology have significantly raised the bar for customer experience. Consumers expect rapid response and regular communication about the service delivery, rather than the traditional four-hour service window several days away.”

This was the exact challenge that Israel Post faced when the company approached us about creating a Salesforce FSL solution for its ecommerce courier services, which accounts for 40% of their business, 1,400 ‘mailmen’, 1,000 vehicles, and 1,300 pickup centers. Ecommerce had been a late bloomer in Israel, but was picking up speed, and the company was struggling with 4 legacy systems that were more than 20 years old, and multiple SLA (service level agreement) requirements that differed between its 4,000 ecommerce business customers. There was a lot of background complexity, and a steady stream of 35,000 parcels to be delivered every day. Israel Post required an operational system that could make this simpler to operate, with control and integration between all the moving parts. 

This last November, at Dreamforce, Israel Post was able to share its story of a 2-year project put into action by AllCloud; a turnkey implementation that has modernized and operationalized the way Israel Post works with businesses and end customers. What makes this case unique is that unlike ordinary field service operations that only connect between workers and customers, Israel Post needed to create a triple connection between its business partners (the ecommerce businesses), their customers and its own mobile workforce. Here are some of the top FSL Dispatch benefits realized by Israel Post, that can be seen across all industries.

One single platform for field operations

With Field Service Lightning, a whole operation can take place on a single platform, from how the dispatchers manage the mobile workforce, to the connected devices carried by the workers in the field, all the way to the customers receiving the service at home. If a breakdown or an error happens along the route of a service delivery, this can be automatically monitored, flagged and fixed through a single platform, and all parties involved can be notified of the change. By removing the reliance on multiple integrations, a business can fill in all operational gaps to provide fast and efficient service. 

Granular insight for 5-star customer service

Tackling today’s consumer requirements head-on, FSL enables customers waiting for deliveries to have unparalleled visibility from the moment they make an order until they have signed electronically for that parcel. Supply chain parties can even access this data to offer augmented service. One example of this was given by Idit Chen, VP – CIO of Israel Post, where she discussed how a telecommunications company delivering a SIM to a customer could know exactly when to activate the SIM upon its acceptance by the end-user, ensuring data privacy and compliance. 

The speed of the cloud and unbeatable flexibility

Like with any Salesforce deployment, Field Service Lightning provides all the benefits of a cloud platform, including the flexibility to create custom solutions, and a quick time to market. For Israel Post, while it used to take months to onboard new business customers to their platform, it can now be completed in days. The company used to grapple with the varying needs of its 4,000 ecommerce business customers, such as global compliance, billing systems, customer SLAs and more, but it can now all be handled automatically from one platform and user interface. 

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