How AllCloud is Helping to Solve Israel’s High-Tech Employee Shortage

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“Israel’s glass ceiling isn’t money, but manpower.”

The hi-tech sector in Israel is growing fast. 2021 has been a record year for Israeli IPOs. There was a 300% rise in hi-tech job openings, But this explosive success brings big challenges too. And the biggest one by far is the lack of skilled manpower.

Hi-tech workers currently make up close to 10% of the Israeli workforce, but this is not enough. More than 60% of Israeli startups say they can’t fill their open R&D positions. Companies must compete more fiercely for every new recruit, and to retain existing staff over time. This is hardly a sustainable situation.

Stopgap solutions are being suggested left and right. The Israeli Innovation Authority is investing $30 million in the development of projects to help increase the supply of hi-tech workers. Plans are underway with the Tax Authority to develop a viable program to expedite hi-tech work visas for non-Israelis. Many tech leaders have applauded this move, while others complain that the country is not doing more to encourage local talent. 

At AllCloud, we believe in a sustainable, innovative home-grown workforce. That’s why we are investing significant resources in out-of-the-box programs to boost the skills of existing local talent, and tap into the potential of Israeli society to build new workforces from within. Here are three ways AllCloud is actively pursuing long-term solutions to help Israeli hi-tech, and specifically the cloud development industry, to scale and thrive: 

Raising local talent

AllCloud is proud to be working with various peripheral communities in Israel, in the north and south as well as in ultra-Orthodox communities, providing valuable opportunities for those with an aptitude for technology and interest in career development. By harnessing the innate talent and motivation in Israeli society, AllCloud aims to be part of the solution, helping to build up the Israel hi-tech workforce to sustain industry growth and enhance the socio-economic situation of local communities.

Upskilling begins at home

An important part of a sustainable workforce is ensuring employees are constantly up-to-date with new advances in technology. At AllCloud, we are committed to helping our employees fill any knowledge gaps with internal training, and supporting staff with allocated time for study and upskilling, as well as covering the costs of certification exams for both AWS and Salesforce. In addition, we provide an 8-week DevOps Bootcamp to prime new recruits for an advanced career with AllCloud.

AllCloud Center of Excellence

With the recent opening of the AllCloud Center of Excellence, we are taking AWS training to a new level. The Center aims to provide ongoing AWS training for existing AllCloud employees and new recruits, ensuring their ongoing competency with AWS as new features and tools are released. In addition, the Center of Excellence offers training to AllCloud customers, so their teams can develop the skills and know-how to better manage their cloud environment independently. Beyond standard AWS training courses, the AllCloud training center provides customized and role-based training programs for a more efficient and effective education experience for the individual.

AllCloud: Engaging with local industry

With the soon-to-be-launched AllCloud Engage platform, AllCloud customers gain access to a full suite of Managed Services for their cloud environment, providing hands-on expertise when and where they need it most. The AllCloud Engage offering includes the vital AWS training component. By training beyond the four walls of AllCloud, including our customers, local communities, and potential fresh talent, we are moving towards a future of mutual growth and success for the hi-tech industry, from which all of Israel will benefit.

Noa Shomrony

VP Employee Success, EMEA

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