Got an Eye on an IPO? What Every Mature Startup Needs from the Cloud

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2021 has been an astonishing year for Israeli companies on Wall Street, June in particular. In that one month, a record-breaking number of Israeli IPOs and SPAC mergers took place on NASDAQ, with a combined evaluation of $37 billion.

At AllCloud, we are proud to be working with many of the companies that recently announced their IPO – SentinelOne , Cellebrite, Kaltura, Talkspace, and REE Automotive – just to name a few. This got us thinking about what it means to be a unicorn, and how cloud technology is such a powerful driver behind these successes. 

So what does it take for a startup to become an IPO? What are the key elements you need in place to build an agile, scalable business that can compete on Wall Street? Some of them can be found in the cloud.

Let’s take a look.

Cloud Infrastructure 

Cloud computing is the driver behind modernization, moving companies forward with digital transformation. With AWS cloud migration, companies gain an infrastructure for product and operations that is unparalleled in its capabilities and benefits.

Running operations in the cloud enables companies to optimize for security, productivity and cost efficiency, however cloud migration and ongoing management can seem overwhelming. Transitioning a company’s entire databases, applications, systems and operations is a big step, but by working with an AWS Managed Service Provider Partner, the organization can gain all the scale and cost benefits while being assured of a seamless, non-disruptive migration and management process at the pace that’s right for their needs. 

For mature startups with an eye towards innovation and growth, managed services for AWS is almost essential, freeing up precious time, resources and energy to focus on the product, rather than getting bogged down in the infrastructure and continuous new AWS features and best practices. Bottom line: the cloud is a vital key to gaining the competitive, innovative, and product-focused edge that can lead companies on the road to an IPO.

Sales & Marketing Cloud

While AWS migration modernizes IT operations, organizations must go beyond that to optimize sales processes and marketing too. When a startup reaches a certain maturity, it is vital to connect the product side (innovation) to the business side (sales) – how is the product marketed and sold, what is the customer journey, how to improve customer engagement to enlarge the customer base and increase revenue. Salesforce is an indispensable CRM tool for all these functions, supporting seamless, comprehensive, data-driven sales, marketing and customer engagement necessary for any business looking to grow towards an IPO. 

The Salesforce Clouds give users the connectivity and 360° view they need to optimize sales and marketing processes in the most efficient and cost-effective way. By working with a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner, organizations can reap the benefits of an out-of-the-box customized Salesforce strategy and solution, created by specialist developers and admins who know how to leverage Salesforce to help organizations reach their unique transformational goals.

Data & Analytics

The key element that underlies all this is data – how to leverage it and analyze it for business insights that drive growth, and how to integrate IT systems seamlessly to provide a real-time unified data-driven picture of the state of the business, at every moment. AllCloud Data Practice combines big data, machine learning and advanced analytics to support startups with data they need, not just for product innovation, but beyond for business operations and marketing.  Developing a data strategy is essential for maintaining a competitive edge on the road to IPO. As a partner of Tableau business intelligence and analytics software, AllCloud is positioned at the junction of AWS and Salesforce to help startups get ahead with the cloud.

The Power of the Cloud

Growth is the major stepping stone to an IPO, but it puts high demands on an organization’s IT infrastructure. That’s why companies are increasingly turning to the cloud as the optimal environment for both operations and sales. In order to grow, all these parts of the organization must be able to scale smoothly, quickly and efficiently. For companies moving towards IPO, or for those still dreaming about it in the future, AWS and Salesforce are two undeniable elements that will be part of making it a reality.

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Lahav Savir

Founder and CTO, Cloud Platforms

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