The New AllCloud Center of Excellence: AWS Training for a Cloud-Driven Future

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It’s official! AllCloud is now an Amazon Training Partner (ATP) in Israel, and we have established a Center of Excellence to expand and accelerate the training and skill-set of AWS professionals, both in-house at AllCloud and for external customers.

Taking cloud services to the next level 

Cloud migration is not a finite process. It demands ongoing management, maintenance and troubleshooting. When we engage a client, we can now offer AWS training for their own team, providing them with the skills to take over management of the cloud environment implemented by AllCloud. Even in the instance that a customer needs further assistance or engagement on a new project, the fact that they are already trained and skilled means that we speak the same language, and working together on a common issue is much smoother, efficient and effective.

When we hand over a finished product to the customer, we want to hand it over to capable hands. Training our customers in AWS proficiency and turning them into a skilled partner is one of the key roles of the AllCloud Center of Excellence, making our solution fully end-to-end.

A new era of AWS Training begins now

As a new ATP, AllCloud has set three distinct goals for its Center of Excellence training programs:

  1. Internal training and professional development for AllCloud developers and engineers, to keep our team fresh with the very latest in AWS functionality and best practices.
  2. Training of external customers, as part of their engagement with AllCloud. This will enable AllCloud customers to increase their capabilities and independence in managing and maintaining their AWS environments.
  3. DevOps Bootcamp, an intensive, two-month training program for AllCloud DevOps engineers and new hires, to provide them with AWS skills and expertise to contribute to successful engagements with our customers. 

The first AWS Premier Consulting Partner in Israel

The AllCloud Center of Excellence is the first and only AWS training hub of its kind in Israel: a dedicated education center managed in-house by an official ATP and cloud services provider, to train employees and customers for the AWS challenges they face every day. 

At AllCloud, we see training as an integral part of our mission. Apart from internal training of our own staff, training will become the new cornerstone of engagement with our customers. 

The programs are based on AWS courseware, however, at AllCloud, we are building out the training programs in a customized fashion, optimized to meet the ongoing needs of our staff and customers.

Education by roles

Training in AWS is typically provided by AWS Training Partners, however, these are not usually the systems integrators themselves. At AllCloud, we are taking a different approach – providing training from the company that also develops the cloud solutions. Furthermore, our training does not simply comprise individual AWS courses; rather, we have developed Problem Solving Training Paths, customized training according to roles within organizations, based on aggregated groupings of relevant courses to provide the most rounded and effective education.

The custom-built Training Paths by role offered by AllCloud include:

  • AWS Cloud Architect
  • AWS Cloud Developer
  • AWS DevOps Engineer
  • AWS SysOps Admin
  • AWS Security Specialist
  • AWS Data Analyst
  • AWS Machine Learning Engineer

When we engage customers in training, we examine what skills are needed within their organization and then customize an education path according to roles. There is no “off-the-shelf” approach; at AllCloud, customers are assured of a specific, tailored AWS training program that is a perfect fit for them.

Training for a cloud-based future

As acceleration to the cloud continues apace, AWS is collaborating with AllCloud to put the training in place that can help move organizations to the cloud even faster. There is a lack of cloud DevOps in the market, and as an official training partner, AllCloud is now working as an  AWS Training Partner to help fill the gap. 

Together with recent reports of the Israeli government signing with Amazon cloud services and plans to build AWS data centers in Israel, the AllCloud Center of Excellence is an integral part of the wider efforts at education that can support mass migration to the cloud. 

Cloud success starts with training

As AllCloud’s Director of AWS Training, I am very pleased to be spearheading this important project. I am an AWS Authorized Instructor (AAI) with over 20 years of experience in technology training, of which the past five have been focused on AWS training. I hail from Washington DC in the US and currently reside in Israel, close to AllCloud’s Rosh Ha’ayin office, which will be the home of the new training center.

At the AllCloud Center of Excellence, we operate from two guiding principles. Firstly, we see training as the cornerstone of every cloud engagement. With AllCloud training, clients can expect that their teams will have the necessary skills to continue the project internally, long after our work is complete. Secondly, we employ training by role, customized for the client, so the training is more focused, effective and actionable in the customer’s actual cloud environment, enhancing the customer’s ability to scale and handing control and continued maintenance to their own engineers. 

With AllCloud, it’s not just AWS training; it’s a solution that empowers customers with their own in-house cloud resources, for today and for the future. Reach out to learn more.

Yitzchak Meirovich

AWS Training Director

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