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This year marks my 7th re:Invent conference and I have to say that it was definitely one for the books. The energy and excitement could be felt before arriving in Las Vegas and it continued throughout the entire week. There are a lot of blogs covering AWS announcements from re:Invent, but this one will be a bit different. I’m sharing my thoughts not from the technology perspective, but rather from the partner side, and how I see the work AWS is doing with partners further impacting how we work with clients. 

For AllCloud, this year represented the largest number of announcements we have ever had during the week of re:Invent. Starting with AllCloud being named AWS Global Partner of the Year for Machine Learning and finishing the week with AllCloud named Partner of the Year for Israel, Germany and Austria. Inbetween, it was also announced that AllCloud is a launch partner for the AWS Graviton Delivery Program. 

These announcements, and in particular the Partner of the Year wins, represent so much for AllCloud and our team across the globe. To win Partner of the Year in Israel, Germany and Austria is a huge matter of pride for myself and the team. They have been working very hard and we have so many great client engagements, that it is wonderful to see this hard work be recognized. And to win Global Partner of the Year for Machine Learning is simply a really amazing achievement. AllCloud prides itself on helping our clients continuously innovate on AWS, Salesforce and Snowflake and the work we are doing around Machine Learning is bleeding edge innovation. 

Beyond the awards and announcements, the sheer energy at re:Invent was palpable. The keynotes and sessions were crowded, and the expo hall was buzzing. There was no doubt that re:Invent was back in a big way. I also got to see firsthand how AWS is driving partner enablement and working to build the partner ecosystem in a manner which I have never seen before. I’ve been in cloud ecosystems for well over a decade and have seen how numerous cloud companies have grown and improved their partner programs. I have to say that this past year has shown significant progress in how AWS is enabling their partners around the globe. 

The AWS Channels and Alliances leadership has shown that they continue to push and focus on partner’s growth, which was evident throughout the week. From partner panel discussions to events and keynotes, I saw firsthand how AWS is growing their partner programs, and it was amazing to see. I think partners of all sizes will reap the benefits of this continued evolution. So how does this translate to client work? Quite simply, the more enabled and connected AllCloud is to AWS, the faster our clients will get updates to new AWS technologies, new opportunities to innovate and new programs. And the more in lockstep AllCloud is with AWS, the faster clients will be able to unlock this multiplier effect. Further optimizing and innovating their cloud infrastructure.

A recent example of powerful services that we co-created together with AWS are our innovative MLOps offers that enable data scientists to do their jobs more efficiently without having to worry about managing and maintaining machine learning models.

We also keep continuously innovating our Solutions Factory, allowing our clients to optimally leverage AWS with turn-key solutions for every stage of their cloud journey: starting with migration and modernization, covering security, compliance and DevOps, all while optimizing cloud cost and governance.

As we move into 2023, I’m excited to see the continued expansion of the AWS partner programs and the strategic growth of the partner ecosystem, and translating that into helping our clients build and grow on AWS.

Eran Gil


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