Salesforce Data Cloud Assessment for Marketers

Unify your data to build meaningful customer relationships


Modern customers crave individualized experiences. In fact, 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions — and 76% are frustrated when they don’t.

Delivering on customer expectations by creating a truly personalized experience across channels requires marketing teams to connect customer data so everyone has the same insight into how a customer interacts with the company on every channel – in real-time.

Data Cloud collects and connects all of your customer data from every channel, system or data stream in real-time and uses it to provide a holistic view of each customer for true identity resolution. Marketers can then use that data with Data Cloud for activities like:

  • Direct Marketing
  • Data Activation and Personalization
  • AI-Powered Insights
  • Journey Management
  • Campaign Management


Our No-Cost 1-2 Day Data Cloud Assessment Workshop is led by our AllCloud experts as they help you empower your marketing team with actionable customer insights, while supporting more relevant and timely personalization with Data Cloud. 

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Our Data Cloud Assessment for Marketers is a free, 1-2 day workshop that includes:

Marketing Discovery Workshop

Comprehensive Evaluation of your Data Marketing Technology Tools 

Recommendations from AllCloud Data Experts on Areas of Improvement

1-2 Use Cases to Help you Identify and Prioritize Impact