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Whether you’re a part of a startup organization or an established technology company, you know that success depends upon continuous innovation, iteration—and your organization’s ability to build and implement a SaaS solution that enables this innovation for your customers. 

But building, migrating, and optimizing a successful SaaS solution can be a journey. You need the most qualified, knowledgeable partner to lead the way. That’s where AllCloud comes in. 

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, AllCloud is one of the first to achieve the coveted AWS SaaS Competency status, which was launched on May 5, 2020. This exclusive designation recognizes AllCloud as an AWS Partner that has deep experience, technical proficiency, and proven customer success in helping organizations seamlessly design and build SaaS and cloud-native solutions on AWS.

Being a part of the rigorous AWS Competency Program is a notable achievement in itself—let alone being one of the first partners across the globe to unlock a new AWS Competency. While the SaaS Competency is new within the AWS Competency Program, this will be the fifth AWS Competency that AllCloud has attained. 

Designations aside, SaaS proficiency is not new to AllCloud. Our company was built on and has a long history of designing cloud-native SaaS solutions for a wide range of software companies.

Take the Strategic Approach to Designing and Building a SaaS Program

Successfully modernizing your organization isn’t just about quick implementation or the technology product itself—it’s also about the inevitable shift in your organization’s revenue and business model. Organizations looking to “SaaS-ify” need to start by planning a high-level, strategic approach to building, migrating, and optimizing end-to-end SaaS solutions.  

A customized SaaS solution should be part of your organization’s broader, long-term cloud strategy. Whether you are building your SaaS solution on existing technology or need to understand and implement new technology, our team will come in and perform a complete evaluation, taking into account your business challenges and technical priorities. Along the way, we’ll identify your current state and forecast what your future state needs to look like for you to be successful. 

Based on your evaluation, we’ll design, build, and implement a unique SaaS solution that addresses your organization’s specific business challenges and future-proofs your current technology.

Organizations that Benefit from an End-to-End SaaS Strategy

Independent software vendors (ISV) like yours may immediately benefit from an end-to-end SaaS strategy a) if you’re actively trying to transform existing enterprise software into a new SaaS-based offering, b) if you want to modernize and migrate your existing SaaS offering that’s currently running in colocation centers or on other cloud platforms to AWS, or c) if you need to find a way to optimize your existing SaaS solutions that are running on AWS. 

Here’s how one of our clients— Nathan Amichay, Chief Architect, Control-M SaaS at BMC—partnered with AllCloud to transform their award-winning Control-M product into a SaaS delivery model. 

“A year ago, we were looking for an experienced APN Partner that had the knowledge, people, and proven track record in designing and building SaaS solutions, to join forces with our R&D team to create and build our new SaaS solution. AllCloud was the right fit for our needs and continues to work closely with us to build the next-generation Control-M SaaS.”

AllCloud can help you design and build the right SaaS solution for your organization, whether you’re just starting up or you’ve been in business for a long time. We’ve helped clients like you all over the world achieve operational excellence on the cloud, within a highly secure environment—and at every milestone of the journey.

Ready to get started on your digital transformation? Not sure if it’s the right time to build a SaaS solution? Contact us to see how one of our SaaS experts can help you build out a custom framework that will empower you and your organization to succeed on the cloud. 

Lahav Savir

Founder and CTO, Cloud Platforms

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