Why the Launch of AWS Infrastructure in Israel is a Game Changer for Enterprise Digital Transformation

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By: Lahav Savir
Founder, EVP and Chief Architect, Cloud Platforms at AllCloud

Israel is now a member of the community of countries that have a physical presence of the world’s leading cloud platform. The new Amazon CloudFront Edge Location offers customers in Israel faster content delivery and added cybersecurity protection. With the recent announcement of AWS Cloud Infrastructure now publicly available in Israel, clients will benefit from a lightning speed experience while consuming digital media and engaging in digital services. This is an improvement from 50-60ms latency to 2-3ms, that’s game-changing for user experience. 

With the landing of Amazon CloudFront Edge Location in Israel, we see an amazing opportunity for Israeli enterprise organizations and digital/media companies to take their next step in business transformation, leveraging CloudFront’s unique features like Lambda@Edge which combine security, delivery and edge computing capabilities at single millisecond latency.

We commonly see our enterprise customers seeking a new approach to digital innovation, which is done natively on one platform. These organizations are deciding to migrate their digital platforms to AWS to benefit from cloud-native capabilities – from containers and serverless to managed databases and the ability to get their hands on the most advanced AI and ML toolsets. With the addition of the CloudFront content delivery capability from Israel, we expect an accelerated transition in this direction.

One such example of enterprise organizations that will benefit from CloudFront Edge Location in Israel is Harel Insurance. Harel Insurance is one of the largest insurance companies in Israel and is a top performer when it comes to digital engagement. They focus heavily on their customers and strive to provide digital access to all of their services, as well as provide digital-driven services like metered insurance.

“As an early adopter of AWS cloud services in the Israeli insurance business, and now with the existence of AWS CloudFront in Israel we will enhance our end-user services and customer experience both in terms of speed and rich media,” said Or May-Paz, head of digital engineering, Harel Insurance. “This is truly a game-changer for us and for our customers.”

The speed at which clients can access information is critical to an organization’s growth and overall success. This announcement is a major milestone for AWS customers in Israel. As an AWS Premier Partner, AllCloud is working with AWS to help the Israeli ecosystem continuously innovate and become “digital-first” by leveraging AWS cloud services.

We welcome this exciting news and are dedicated to helping Israeli companies continue to be at the forefront of technology, further innovating and leading the digital revolution alongside AWS.

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Lahav Savir

Founder and CTO, Cloud Platforms

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