Why Cloud Managed Services Is the Right Choice for Your Startup

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While every startup company dreams of becoming a unicorn, just 1.28% of startups will actually get there.

But having the chance to reach that level demands a certain kind of drive and culture. It requires agility, the ability to respond and adapt quickly, and a strong focus on product and innovation. This is why a Managed Services Partner for your cloud environment and operations is exactly what you need.

Startups undergoing fast growth are in a unique and sensitive stage in the lifetime of the company. There is a daily balancing act between all the moving parts necessary to keep the machine of innovation running smoothly and quickly, and to stay ahead of competitors in a tight and tough marketplace of ideas and products.

An AWS Managed Services Provider will provide the support and expertise every startup needs to keep their focus when and where it matters most. Here are three ways having a solid MSP can help startups on their journey to growth and success:

1. Scale without all the worry

One of the most challenging aspects of running a startup is finding, hiring and retaining stellar talent. We’re in the midst of the Great Resignation and the recruitment landscape for companies is very competitive. When a startup is building and expanding their product, the need to continually hire, onboard and train new employees and teams can put a heavy load on the bandwidth of the organization, and take vital resources, time and energy away from the development and innovation side of the business that is so crucial for success.

By working with an authorized AWS MSP like AllCloud, the expert cloud management and optimization team is ready and waiting to assist you in whatever capacity you need. Instead of getting your staff bogged down in cloud management tasks and responsibilities that shouldn’t be on their plates, you can turn to the MSP to fill in the personnel gap quickly and effectively. This is particularly important when you need to scale your cloud environment fast to accommodate new product features or services for your customers. Bottom line, qualified people with the right AWS expertise are hard to find. Rather than waste time on hiring and training, leverage the AllCloud MSP team who have the knowledge, skills and experience ‘on tap’.

2. Focus on your core business 

In a perfect world, your startup could focus all its effort and resources on R&D and product, which after all, are the vital bricks in the road to unicorn land. However, no innovation happens in a vacuum, and there are other aspects of business and operations that need time and attention. Including your AWS management and modernization journey. 

By outsourcing all this to an MSP, the startup can refocus its energies on its core business, and devote maximum resources to product innovation and development, while ensuring the highest quality and cost efficiency of cloud activities. What’s more, when you work with AllCloud MSP, you’re not just ‘outsourcing’ in the traditional sense; rather, the AllCloud AWS team becomes an extension of your own team, always ‘on’ and ready to provide you with whatever you need, whether it be a full build and implementation, support and troubleshooting, training, cost optimization, adherence to best practices and much more. 

3. Tapping into the wealth of AWS knowledge and resources

As you know, building expertise in a particular niche takes a lot of time and experience. By engaging an MSP like AllCloud, startups can tap into an enormous wealth of AWS knowledge, skill and resources that it would be impossible to access otherwise.

The AllCloud MSP team is continually working with the latest AWS features and best practices, so your cloud engagement is always at the cutting edge of what’s possible. AllCloud partners with numerous cloud-native tools, so you can leverage the best of the best in terms of security, cost optimization, observability, data and business intelligence.

Protecting sensitive data is top of mind for most startups but ensuring the right configurations and security services is where it gets tricky as your business scales. For this reason, AllCloud has put a strong emphasis on cloud security management as part of its managed services framework. As part of AllCloud Engage, startups can tap into 24/7 fully managed AWS security which leverages AWS-native services such as AWS SecurityHub, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Inspector, AWS WAF, Amazon Macie, and more. The comprehensive coverage includes identity and access management (IAM), infrastructure vulnerability scanning, application vulnerability scanning, compliance monitoring, DDoS mitigation, Managed Detection and Response (MDR) using agent-based intrusion prevention (IPS), and more.

With the AllCloud Engage console, startups can be in continuous, direct contact with their own concierge. The concierge is dedicated to full management and coordination of the AllCloud team, who will deliver all necessary AWS resources on demand, providing resolution for everything you need to happen in your cloud environment. Supporting scale, agility and cloud efficiency is the name of the MSP-game.

To find out more about AllCloud Engage, and how an expert MSP can make your startup succeed faster, contact us.

Lahav Savir

Founder and CTO, Cloud Platforms

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