Why build your system in Multi AZ deployment?

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In the past few hours there was an outage on a single AZ in the Amazon Vigrinia region.

Two issues came up very clear, either you built your system in Multi AZ / Multi Region or NOT !

Some of our customer who has Multi AZ or Multi Region data centers were seeing errors on some of their services with not service impact, but those who do not use multi AZ and caught in the affected zone were impacted with major service degradation.

For those who considers… here’s a snipped from AWS status https://status.aws.amazon.com/:

“We also want to add some detail around what customers using ELB may have experienced. Customers with ELBs running in only the affected Availability Zone may be experiencing elevated error rates and customers may not be able to create new ELBs in the affected Availability Zone. For customers with multi-AZ ELBs, traffic was shifted away from the affected Availability Zone early in this event and they should not be seeing impact at this time.”


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