Top 10 re:Invent Breakout Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss

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Top 10 Breakout Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss


The annual AWS re:Invent is a week away and our cloud experts are getting ready to head over to Las Vegas for the most significant conference in the cloud industry. Emind specializes in designing secure and scalable cloud architecture that adheres to strict compliance regulations such as HIPAA on AWS. Our cloud experts have years of experience building and deploying on AWS and ensure that your high performance online application will be cost effective and fully managed. Ask one of our cloud experts at booth #328 about how you can leverage more from your cloud operation through wise architecture and cost optimization. We are excited to share our expertise at this year’s event and gladly compiled a list of Breakout Sessions that we recommend for advanced Amazon users.

AWS offers more than 200 breakout sessions with close to 400 speakers, and has provided its attendees with a convenient Session Catalog for navigation. The catalog provides you with the option to add a session to your favorites and schedule it into your personal agenda. Attendees can create their perfect re:Invent agenda by searching the catalog according to track, level, day, tags and target audience.

After going through the session catalog to build our own schedule, here are the breakout session we don’t want to miss as a leading AWS Managed Service Provider that serves online application vendors with their security and scalability.

Recommended Breakout Sessions

Log into your Session Catalog and click the links below for the option to schedule session in your personal re:Invent agenda.

1. – Amazon VPC Configuration: When Least Privilege Meets the Penetration Tester

In this session, Jason Bubolz, Senior Security Engineer at iSEC Partners will walk through some of the mechanisms available to control access in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). As well as we focus on using IAM and STS to create a least-privilege access model. In addition he will discuss auditing strategies to catch common mistakes and discuss techniques to audit and maintain your infrastructure.

2. – Building a DDoS-Resilient Architecture with Amazon Web Services

In this session, Adrian Newby, CTO at Crownpeak Technology and Andrew Kiggins, Software Development Manager at AWS will discuss anti-DDoS features available in AWS, such as shuffle sharding in Amazon Route 53, Auto Scaling in Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), and enhanced networking in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) , and how these features can help protect your service availability. Also, they’ll share battle-tested mitigation techniques like virtual private cloud isolation, EC2 security groups, and ELB separation of management and data planes that can be used either separately or in combination to help improve DDoS resiliency.

3. – Coca-Cola: Migrating to AWS

In this session, Michael Conner, Senior Platform Architect at Coca-Cola will explain their effort to migrate hundreds of applications from on-premises to AWS. The focus will be on migration best practices, security considerations, helpful tools, automation, and business processes used to complete the migration. The key AWS technologies highlighted will be AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon VPC, AWS CloudFormation, and the AWS APIs.

4. – Expanding Your Data Center with Hybrid Infrastructure

In the session, AWS partnered with will go into detail on managing your AWS infrastructure with the AWS Management Portal for vCenter, integrating the AWS Management Pack for Microsoft System Center for monitoring your AWS resources, as well as possible future System Center and vCenter AWS cloud management features and functionality.

5.  – Designing for SaaS: Next-Generation Software Delivery Models on AWS

In this Session, Matt Tavis, Principal Solutions Architect at AWS will detail how SaaS architectures can be deployed onto AWS in a number of ways, each optimizing different factors from security to cost optimization. You will learn more about common deployment models used on AWS for SaaS architectures and how each of those models are tuned for customer specific needs. He will also review options and tradeoffs for common SaaS architectures, including cost optimization, resource optimization, performance optimization, and security and data isolation.

6.  – Infrastructure as Code

In this session, AWS along with Tom Wanielista, Chief Engineer at Simple will walk through practical examples of how AWS customers have merged infrastructure configuration with application code to create application-specific infrastructure and a truly unified development lifecycle. You will hear  how AWS customers have leveraged tools like CloudFormation, orchestration engines, and source control systems to enable their applications,  taking full advantage of the scalability and reliability on the AWS cloud, creating self-reliant applications, and easy recovery when things go  wrong with their infrastructure.

7. – Continuous Delivery at a Rate of 500 Deployments a Day!

In this session Elian Torres, VP of Engineering at Drift  will cover how HubSpot and a team of 100 engineers deploys 500 times a day with very minimal effort. Singularity, an open-source project which HubSpot built from scratch, works with Apache Mesos to manage a multi-purpose cluster in AWS which supports web services, cron jobs, map and reduce tasks, and one-off processes. He will also discuss the HubSpot service architecture and cultural advantages along with  the costs and benefits of the continuous delivery approach.

8. – Cloud Migration, DevOps and Distributed Systems

In this session, Yury Izrailevsky, VP of Cloud Computing and Platform Engineering and Neil Hunt, CPO at Netflix will explore the relationship between technical infrastructure and organization and how to find the right balance of centralized and decentralized operations. They will also cover the rationale, goals, strategies, and technologies applied to accomplish this daunting task. They will reflect on where we stand today and how they’ve realized many of their goals.

9. – Managing an Enterprise-Class Hybrid Architecture with AWS Direct Connect

In this session, Gil Llanos, Solution Architect and John Landy, CTO at Datapipe will cover real world hybrid use-cases including migration, disaster recovery, governance, compliance and redundancy with multi-zone, multi-region deployments through discussion of three common challenges which organizations face when moving to the cloud:

– Architecting a Secure and Compliant Hybrid Solution

– Staging Migrations: Getting from point A to point B to point AB

– Ongoing management and optimization

10. – Architecting for HIPAA Compliance on AWS

In this session, AWS, Emdeon, Aptible and Logicworks team up to give security and compliance experts an explanation on what is technically possible on AWS and learn how implementing the Technical Safeguards in the HIPAA Security Rule can be simple and familiar. They will walk through the Technical Safeguards of the Security Rule and map them to AWS features and design choices to help developers, operations teams, and engineers speak the language of their security and compliance peers.

Ask an Emind expert more about your cloud architecture, security and compliance requirements and infrastructure costs at booth #328 and receive our AWS Architectural Toolbox and a chance to win our one of a kind Cloud Architecture Workshop. We look forward to seeing you in the Breakout Sessions and at our booth.

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