The Road to re:Invent 2023: An Interview with AllCloud CEO, Eran Gil

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re:Invent, Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) annual conference, is one of the year’s top learning events packed with 2000+ sessions and countless new announcements around the latest innovation coming from AWS.

As we approach the event, kicking off on November 27th, I sat down with AllCloud’s CEO, Eran Gil, for a deep dive into what he is expecting from this year’s event, what AllCloud is doing and his latest thoughts on, you guessed it, GenAI.

Q: Last year, AllCloud was named the Global ML/AI AWS Partner of the Year. Over the past year, the practice has continued to grow. What do you want people to know about AllCloud’s focus on ML / AI and what’s new from our practice?

A: AllCloud see’s data being at the forefront of any organization to make it an intelligent or smarter business. Data is what being in the cloud is all about. Being named the Global ML/AI Partner of the Year was such an honor for AllCloud, and only further highlighted that helping our clients with their data and the infrastructure behind it, is really who we are. Since this time last year, we’ve doubled down on our capabilities in data and analytics across our partners. So that for our customers, it doesn’t matter where your journey begins, we will bring it all together for you, making you a smarter organization that can finally take action from your data.

By bringing our customers to the cloud and transforming them to be cloud native, we can help them to see the best use cases where AI and ML could be applicable. We continue to build out new AI/ML solutions, use cases and offerings for our clients. I am thrilled that AllCloud has recently added the AWS Data & Analytics Competency (our 8th AWS Competency) to our achievements in this space.

Q: Data will be a pinnacle of this year’s event, especially around GenAI. What are you already seeing from our customers and the work AllCloud is doing around bringing GenAI to life?

A: GenAI is a piece of AI, and so our approach is to ensure that our customers have a comprehensive AI plan that incorporates GenAI. We were fortunate to be a Bedrock preview partner – meaning that AllCloud was one of the selected partners to have part of the Bedrock Limited Preview, and our teams have been working on new Generative AI Accelerators for some of the top use cases we’ve seen from our customers around document generation, chatbots and more. In particular, for the vast majority of our customers who are talking about Generative AI, we are always starting with getting that foundational structure in place for broader data analytics and for AI. It’s important for people to understand that Generative AI is powerful and creates significant business value when it can access an organization’s own data and the data foundation behind it is strong. That’s where AllCloud’s experts focus on building the scaffolding to bring it all to life.

Q: What potential AWS announcements are you interested to learn more about?

A: Outside of everything that will be announced around Data, Analytics and AI/ML, I’m looking forward to what’s coming up regarding AWS Marketplace. There have been a lot of announcements already being discussed by Matt Yanchyshyn at AWS in the short amount of time since he’s taken over, and I expect there will be some great new enhancements announced at re:Invent. I look forward to seeing what else is coming and specifically how AWS is making the Marketplace more beneficial for SIs and how they will further incorporate tri-party initiatives between AWS, SIs and ISVs.

Q: What can people expect from AllCloud at re:Invent this year?

A: AllCloud is a proud Sponsor of re:invent 2023. What’s most exciting about this year is that we will be featured and included in the “Data Zone” on the expo show floor, further highlighting our expertise and data and analytics solutions. We will showcase some of our new GenAI solutions and demos at the booth and have clients from across the globe in attendance and at sessions.

Of course, it wouldn’t be re:Invent without a party, and AllCloud will have our annual Happy Hour on the first night, this year partnering with Datadog to kick the week off.

Q: AllCloud has now said a few times that “the walls between our strategic partners, AWS, Salesforce and Snowflake, are coming down faster than ever.” What does that mean to you and what are you looking forward to seeing from Salesforce and Snowflake at reInvent?

A: When it comes to data particularly, we are seeing those walls are just coming down faster than ever. This is really at the heart of AllCloud’s DNA – how we bring our customer’s data together to provide true business outcomes from actionable insights. It’s exciting to see it finally happening when you look at the capabilities that AWS, Salesforce and Snowflake are bringing to the market to accelerate how customers are connecting the front office and back office.

AllCloud recently launched our Customer 360 Practice, which is specifically aimed at harnessing the power of AWS, Salesforce and Snowflake together, with solutions to help customers make sense of the mountains of data they collect, by offering an integrated view of their organization to provide impactful data insights into the business, as well as predict what’s ahead.

At re:Invent, I’m excited to see what Salesforce shows specifically around Data Cloud. We are seeing with our own customers how Data Cloud is the connector needed to so many other systems, especially in AWS, that aggregate data from multiple sources. With this type of connectivity, organizations are seeing the data free flowing between all their systems so it actually becomes insightful and actionable.

Attending re:Invent? Make sure you connect with AllCloud by stopping by our booth (#1018), or registering to kick off the week at the AllCloud Happy Hour! Learn more here.


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