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In wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the world looks a lot different. Businesses are closing up shop, others are hanging on by a thread, and those that are still open face a multitude of challenges as they relate to the ever-changing local, state and federal health safety guidelines

Restaurants are emerging as some of the hardest hit—and most stringently regulated—businesses when it comes to safely preparing and serving food. Restaurant operators face constant pressures, such as achieving facility preparedness, monitoring workforce readiness, creating an effective emergency management response, and mitigating risk to ensure the safety of their guests, employees and community. 

All of these struggles aside, perhaps the greatest challenge restaurants face is doing everything right to not only reopen—but stay open. Restaurant operators know that just one misstep could cause huge setbacks and even permanent shut-downs. They know that a single outbreak is a confidence killer that can make or break their business. Protecting their brand from bad consumer experiences or from false health and safety accusations is critical to succeeding in today’s volatile landscape.

Conveying Trust to Restaurant Guests, Employees and the Community

For many restaurants, reopening and staying open is just one factor. Trying to do that while simultaneously growing sales, staying organized, and maintaining a high-level view of their business is another. As restaurants’ health and safety guidelines constantly ebb and flow, it’s critical for leadership to not only embrace a mindset of change to help mitigate risk—but also streamline and formalize operating procedures with a solution that will ensure compliance. 

That’s where the Salesforce for Restaurants Trust Accelerator by AllCloud comes in. This newly launched, first-of-its-kind solution was designed to help restaurants quickly reopen and operate with confidence, while maintaining COVID-19 health and safety compliance. 

Natively built on Salesforce Communities, the Salesforce for Restaurants Trust Accelerator includes health and safety checklists and workflows that can be customized to adhere to the fluidity of state and local requirements. This includes the more than 48 new requirements that restaurants must meet in order to comply with the latest FDA and CDC guidance, per the National Restaurant Association’s COVID-19 Reopening Guidance.

How AllCloud and Salesforce Help Restaurants Operate with Confidence

By leveraging Salesforce for Restaurants Trust Accelerator from AllCloud, restaurant management teams can track and make real-time, data-driven decisions from anywhere on the health, hygiene, sanitation and safety of their operations. This turn-key solution provides the transparency and consistency restaurants need to establish trust, in every location, with their employees, guests and communities.

Solution Components of Salesforce for Restaurants Trust Accelerator by AllCloud

Here’s a sampling of all the components included in the Salesforce for Restaurants Trust Accelerator by AllCloud: 

  • Command Center
    Monitor return-to-work readiness and assess employee wellness   across all locations to make data-driven decisions and communicate with employees and visitors more effectively.
  • Employee Wellness
    Create digital employee health surveys based on determined guidelines (NRA, CDC, FDA), monitor wellness and securely track your data to make informed decisions.
  • Safety Checklist & Workflows
    Maintain health and safety checklists and workflows for pre-work screening, sick at work, physical distancing and sanitation (workplace, equipment and storage).
  • Contact Tracing (Optional)
    Manually trace health contacts by collecting data from individuals who are infected or potentially exposed to an infectious disease to help prevent outbreaks.
  • Shift Management (Optional)
    Orchestrate more effective employee shifts and schedule thoughtful third-party supplier services to reduce density and respect physical distancing protocols.
  • myTrailhead for Employees (Optional)
    Help ensure compliance by educating employees on new safety policies and new ways of working with out-of-the-box training, learning and wellness programs.


Our team is here to help restaurant operators create a long-term roadmap, leveraging Salesforce as a catalyst for change, for growth, and success in their business. 

If you or someone you know is ready to standardize their reopening and operating strategy to build trust with guests, employees and the community, schedule a meeting with one of our experts today.

Daren Tomey

SVP Sales, North America - Salesforce

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