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Today, we know more about our customers than ever before, so the challenge of having the data has been replaced by having the data in the right place, and using that data to focus on discrete, high-value goals. Enter Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful marketing platform for realizing personalized customer interactions across all channels and devices. However, getting the most out of Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be a complex challenge since there are many features and benefits. Then, add the complexity of setting up and integrating Salesforce and applications.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is the platform for delivering relevant, personalized journeys across channels and devices — enabling marketers to deliver the right message at the right time throughout all phases of the relationship. Marketing Cloud includes integrated solutions for customer journey management, email, mobile, social, web personalization, advertising, content creation and management, and data analysis. Every potential customer interaction and engagement is covered, and guiding customers on their personalized journeys with your brand, albeit complex, can be extremely effective.

Besides being integrated inside the Salesforce ecosystem, Marketing Cloud includes all the following tools:

  • Journey Builder
  • Email Studio
  • Social Studio
  • Mobile Studio
  • Audience Studio
  • Advertising Studio
  • Datorama
  • Interaction Studio
  • Data Studio
  • Google Analytics 360
  • Pardot

Major benefits of using Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Profound knowledge on the customer: it becomes possible to connect data from different sources and devices with this platform to obtain a single unified vision of the customer. And also, you will be able to capture and activate first-, second-, and third-party data.
  • Customization with artificial intelligence: Marketing Cloud allows the combination of data with the power of their Einstein tool so that interactions can be organized with AI. Therefore, the platform enables customized communication with customers based on their relationship with the company.
  • Create interest across the journey: this Salesforce marketing platform generates attention and awareness during the whole process (a two-way engagement in real-time), which also provides insights to offer every customer the best action.
  • Impact analysis: Marketing Cloud performs all customer journey measurements through different channels and devices, using machine learning (einstein) and other tools such as the Google Analytics 360 Integration..


Improving marketing efforts

Even with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and other marketing tools available, only 28% of marketers are completely satisfied with their ability to engage customers across channels at scale, according to Salesforce’s report. And, only 47% of marketers say they have a completely unified view of customer data. So how can companies begin to utilize Salesforce Marketing Cloud and improve their overall marketing efforts?

Are you making the most out of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud investment? 

Far too often, organizations neglect to adapt their Salesforce Marketing Cloud technology to their specific business needs, limiting growth potential and causing issues, such as:

  • Low adoption rates due to poor implementation or inadequate training
  • Low use of technology beyond core email functionality
  • Poor data quality and errors that are unintentionally introduced into the database
  • Lack of resources needed to manage more sophisticated modules
  • Limited and poor connectivity to the CRM system


These challenges make it difficult for your marketing organization to leverage data effectively, manage multi-attribution campaigns, and track marketing ROI while still delivering personalized customer experiences. Many businesses that have invested in Salesforce Marketing Cloud find themselves challenged when it comes to getting the most out of the platform.

Enter Marketing Cloud Managed Services from AllCloud

As a leading Certified Salesforce Partner, AllCloud can help you improve efficiency, gain user adoption, and optimize your existing Salesforce Marketing Cloud environment to achieve your goals.

AllCloud Managed Services offers Salesforce Marketing Clouds administration and development expertise with flexibility. We put your business goals first, adapt to your needs, and evolve together. Along the way, we incorporate innovation to ensure your program stays agile and grows alongside your business. Your team will gain direct access to leading technical resources who can manage the full Salesforce lifecycle.

We have services specifically designed for the customers using Marketing Cloud, which lets you focus on the campaign strategy. We work with you for the execution and analytics handling all the aspects of the Marketing cloud.

Effectively manage and evolve your Salesforce Marketing Cloud program without draining your resources. AllCloud’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud Managed Services packages provide access to top Salesforce expert resources in a structured and cost-efficient way to address both ongoing Salesforce strategic and technical needs.

The AllCloud team can assist with:

  • Administrative Services
  • Ongoing Training
  • Segmentation
  • Data Integration
  • Ongoing Data Management
  • Initial Marketing Cloud set-up
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Creating Content Blocks
  • Journey and Automation
  • And much more

Start with a Marketing Cloud Health Check from AllCloud

AllCloud’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud Health Check provides a quick and risk-free opportunity to evaluate your business needs and review your organization’s next steps to realize the value of your investment. Following the Health Check, AllCloud will deliver a summary of key findings, an actionable plan, and a high-level roadmap for implementing these recommendations.

Co-writer: Stuart Trent, Senior Consultant, NA AllCloud

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