Personalized, Cost-Effective Access to AWS Enterprise Support via AllCloud Engage

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The new AllCloud Engage is a complete, centralized AWS management and optimization platform, giving organizations direct access to AllCloud’s team of AWS success specialists and managed services through our 24/7 Concierge program. 

AllCloud Concierge is an AWS-care service that comprises AWS Partner-Led Enterprise Support – management and resolution of AWS support issues, ongoing optimization recommendations and implementation, quickly handled by the AllCloud success team. In the case of an organization requiring technical support from AWS, the complete ticketing process is visible and conveniently manageable through AllCloud’s Engage console. The new engagement is all part of the way AllCloud provides comprehensive, reliable managed services for our customers’ AWS needs.

But why should an organization start leveraging AWS Partner-Led Enterprise Support with AllCloud?

Significant cost savings

A key advantage of the AllCloud AWS Partner-Led Enterprise Support is cost-efficiency. By leveraging AllCloud Engage, AllCloud customers gain direct access to AWS support as part of their AllCloud engagement. Rather than paying the standard monthly fee to AWS, AllCloud optimizes support costs with AWS, so the customer pays only for what they need and use. This leads to substantial savings to the ongoing support bill.

AllCloud Concierge Program: Always on

The AllCloud AWS direct support team is always on and always at the ready, serving as the first point of contact for any questions or issues a customer has on their AWS environment or account. We work around the clock, in our customers’ time zone, at the hours most convenient to their operational needs, ensuring a local, specialist service that is consolidated, centralized and instantly accessible. Our Concierge team also provides proactive support by constantly listening to health events and AWS Trusted Advisor recommendations generated within the customer’s environment.

Support from a team of experts that knows the AWS environment

AllCloud’s AWS Partner-Led Enterprise Support is delivered by the team that built the customer’s AWS infrastructure and knows their cloud environment inside and out. This is a powerful advantage when it comes to cost optimization, AWS billing and technical support as these same AllCloud experts can maneuver the various knowledge, assets and technical operations necessary to optimize the specific AWS environment and resolve technical and support issues as they arise. Instead of turning to AWS, organizations can turn to their dedicated AllCloud success manager, who is already many steps ahead and ideally positioned to provide a fast, optimal resolution. 

Have an issue with AWS? Engage with AllCloud

AllCloud’s AWS Partner-Led Enterprise Support is provided as part of the newly launched AllCloud Engage managed services console, for all Engage customers. Organizations can use the Engage console as a single point of contact for every aspect of their AWS environment and AllCloud interactions, including FinOps optimizations, technical advisory, management of support requests and handling of AWS tickets, ensuring fast, high-quality solutions.

Personalized 24/7 AWS support starts with AllCloud Engage, contact us to gain access.

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