Navigating the Shift in VMware Licensing and Embracing the AWS Cloud

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The recent announcement regarding VMware license procurement, transitioning from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Broadcom, has sent ripples through the IT world. Concerns about potential price hikes and a disrupted ecosystem are valid. So what is taking place and what can organizations do to best position themselves? For customers running on VMware Cloud (VMC), licenses must be purchased now directly from Broadcom, they will not be part of any AWS PPA, and as a result, may face a significant price increase. Those customers who are running VMware on-prem will face a change in the distribution of VMware licensing and may be required to pay higher prices to renew their VMware licenses, which are all now subscription-based. Many VMware customers built their modern applications based on Tanzu (VMware Kubernetes Platform), and the future and cost of the technology are unknown.

Time for Reassessment: Rethinking VMware Deployments

The shift in licensing may necessitate a reevaluation of the current VMware setup. For those on VMC, a well-planned migration to Amazon EC2 is a viable option, especially considering potential cost increases when procuring directly from Broadcom.

For organizations utilizing on-premises solutions like vSphere or Tanzu, now is the time to consider a comprehensive migration to the cloud. This process should be iterative, allowing for risk mitigation and building confidence. At AllCloud, we see that roughly 30% of workloads might be retired during this journey, providing further cost savings and efficiencies. Embrace the cloud’s global reach and scalability – a well-planned cloud migration is a strategic response to the evolving VMware landscape.

Essential Steps for a Smooth VMware to AWS Cloud Migration

Planning is paramount and a thorough assessment of an organization’s current VMware deployment is crucial. Identify what needs migration and what can be retired or transformed.

An iterative approach is highly recommended. This gradual transition minimizes risks and fosters confidence. Meticulous planning is key to identifying outdated or unnecessary elements. Optimize your migration by carefully considering what needs to move and what doesn’t.

An organization’s team is its most valuable asset during this migration. Invest in their upskilling to ensure a smooth transition. This not only benefits the immediate migration but also prepares them for the cloud-centric future. A strategic approach to employee involvement ensures a smoother transition and equips team members to manage these retirements efficiently. Upskilling keeps IT staff valuable, ready to tackle new challenges and leverage new technologies.

AllCloud: Your Strategic Partner for the Cloud Journey

AllCloud provides expertise and tools to help navigate your VMware to AWS cloud migration. Our iterative approach breaks down the VMware migration into manageable steps, minimizing risks and building confidence throughout the process. We understand the potential impact on supporting technologies like security, observability, and CI/CD pipelines. Our team is prepared to offer solutions that leverage existing investments or help you transition seamlessly to cloud-native technologies.

We’re also well-versed in the intricacies of ITSM integration, ensuring your CMDB, support systems, and self-service catalogs continue to function flawlessly after the migration. Security is paramount. AllCloud has the expertise to build highly secure environments on AWS that meet your existing governance requirements and provide the same level of security you had on-premises. However, we recognize that a hybrid approach might be necessary for some organizations. AllCloud is certified to deploy AWS Outposts, extending the AWS experience to your data center if needed.

Beyond the migration itself, AllCloud assists in building strong business cases to ensure that you’re financially aligned and that regulatory compliance continues. Our ultimate goal is to empower you to leverage the full potential of AWS and unlock a new era of efficiency and innovation for your organization.

Navigating the Currents of Change

The evolving VMware licensing landscape necessitates a strategic response. Potential cost increases and ecosystem disruption are understandable concerns. However, by adopting a comprehensive view that considers impacts on ITSM and finances, you can effectively navigate these disruptions. Partnering with a reliable expert like All Cloud provides invaluable guidance and support throughout the migration process. With proper planning and the right support, you can manage these disruptions, maintain operational continuity, and seize the opportunities presented by cloud technology.

Ready to take the first step towards a smoother cloud future? 

Contact AllCloud for our VMware to AWS Transition Readiness Assessment. Our team of experts will map your infrastructure, design a migration path, and optimize costs including developing a customized plan with special AWS MAP funding. We also provide skills training, a business case, and risk-free migration options. Let’s turn this disruption into an opportunity to unlock the full potential of the cloud for your organization.

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