Migration to Cloud Based data center check list

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Cloud Data Center – Site Survey check list

The following is a list of information about the existing data center

  1. List of servers to be deployed (with the following attributes)
    1. Server role
    2. Operating system
    3. Installed applications / services
    4. Part of cluster (type)
    5. Hardware / Hypervisor
    6. Storage size
    7. CPU
    8. RAM
    9. Physical attached hardware and peripherals (tokens, keys, ect)
  2. Virtualization technology in use
  3. Services operated by your current data center (Mail, ERP, CRM, BI, Portal, Data bases, PBX, etc.)
  4. Network topology
  5. Security devices
    1. Firewalls
    2. VPN
  6. Service consumption
    1. RDP / Citrix / Other terminal technologies
    2. Web applications
    3. Client / Server apps

 Future Cloud Data Center Planning

  1. Improvements / new services
  2. Required throughput
  3. Backup requirements
  4. Regulations requirements
  5. Redundancy requirements
  6. High availability requirements
  7. Scalability requirements
  8. Geographic distribution
  9. DRP requirements

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