How to Install MCollective on Windows

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Mcollective is a framwork that help you run parallel jobs.

In this guide I will show how to install Mcollective server and on a windows server.

Tested On

OS: Windows Datacenter 2008 R2
Mcollective version: 2.0.0
Hardware: Virtual Machine (AWS AMI)


Install MCollective

During the installation, select Add ruby executables to your path
and Associate .rb files with this Ruby installation
  • Configure C:mcollectiveetcserver.cfg
topicprefix = /topic/
main_collective = mcollective
collectives = mcollective
libdir = C:mcollectiveplugins
logfile = C:mcollectivemcollective.log
loglevel = info
daemonize = 1

# Plugins
securityprovider = psk
plugin.psk = unset

connector = = puppet.humus.complugin.stomp.port = 61613plugin.stomp.user = mcollectiveplugin.stomp.password = marionette

# Facts
factsource = yaml
plugin.yaml = C:mcollectiveetcfacts.yaml
  • Open a cmd shell and install stomp gem
gem install stomp
  • Start “The Marionette Collective” Service from windows services
  • Test the installation: from the puppet server run:
mco ping

For more information about MCollective windows installation please visit

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