How the New AWS MSSP Program Addresses Ever-evolving Security Needs

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AWS provides a suite of powerful tools to protect its customers’ applications and origin infrastructures from cyber security attacks such as Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS), SQL Injection, or Cross-Site Scripting attacks. However, utilizing these tools and properly configuring them is an art in its own right which requires time and specialized resources which often exceed what most organizations could reasonably delegate to this task.   

This is especially true in these troubled times in which many companies are driven to massively expand their digital online presence, often rapidly so.  While catering to the needs of thousands of organizations with extremely diverse security requirements, we have encountered countless institutions that almost overnight outgrew what their in-house cybersecurity teams could handle.  

Since AWS services model operate on a Shared Responsibility Model which requires customers to assist with configuring, maintaining and monitoring AWS security services, it is of paramount importance that organizations understand their vulnerabilities and address them adequately. When time is short and stakes are high, security deficiencies can easily be overlooked.      

To address this concern, and to allow all its customers to establish and maintain an optimal security posture, AWS has launched a new Perimeter Protection Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) program which enables selected AWS Premier Partners, such as AllCloud, to develop and deliver a fully managed 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) for AWS Shield Advanced, AWS WAF, and AWS Firewall Manager, granting its customers access to the highest cybersecurity standards. 

Leveraging Economies of Scale

Relying on an MSSP provider to ensure 24/7 application and infrastructure security has numerous benefits; among them the cost-efficiency enhancement of organizations’ security budgets being especially noteworthy. 

An MSSP, such as AllCloud, can easily and swiftly adapt to the needs of organizations, even if these companies are continuously evolving. Attempting to achieve the same flexibility, relying solely on in-house resources and HR, would result in astronomical costs and long-lasting legacy commitments. With AWS’ new MSSP program, these can now be considerably mitigated, while achieving 24/7 monitored and maintained all-round protection.    

AllCloud is one of the first APN Partners worldwide to join the AWS MSSP Program 

AllCloud is proud to be on a short list of six launch partners which have been selected from the AWS Partner Network (APN) to join the MSSP program and to offer its clients the ability to fully outsource edge security management.    

To become certified as an AWS Perimeter Protection MSSP Partner, organizations must have an established AWS security practice, provide 24/7 support, and pass a multi-day training program with the AWS DDoS Response Team (DRT). 

Lahav Savir, EVP of Cloud Platforms at AllCloud, said about joining the program:

“At AllCloud, as a company that’s always seeking to enhance our value to customers, we added the Perimeter Protection MSSP capabilities as an extension to our MSP operations. We proudly joined forces with the AWS Shield Advanced DDoS Response Team and created an end-to-end Perimeter-Protection-as-a-Service to help our fast-growing tech and enterprise customers leverage AWS security services through a fully managed service.”

To learn more about the AWS MSSP program and about how AllCloud can assist you in perfecting your security posture, visit us here.

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