Happy New Year and 2014 Predictions from Emind’s CEO

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2013 has turned the once far-fetched concept of cloud computing into a solid reality. This is has been incredibly eventful for us as we have witnessed companies of all sizes migrate from the traditional IT industry to the cloud, managing them every step of the way. They now enjoy saving both time and money on their services while gaining agility and business flexibility. We feel quite fortunate to be part of the fastest growing IT area and here is a summary of our top predictions for next year in Cloud.

So, what can we look forward to in 2014?

The “cloud war” has already begun between the major players in the game. Amazon, Microsoft and Google have all set up shop, and it is just a matter of time before one of the giants pulls the trigger. Luckily, it is difficult to see any real losers in this war. This strong competition will support cloud users with better offerings, lower prices and more comprehensive packages. Cross-cloud deployment will take a significant step. Emind already enables cloud users with multi-cloud deployment including AWS and Google, to name a few.  As a result, some of our customers are already benefitting from lower cloud deployment costs, enhanced performance and greater availability.  In addition, cloud vendors will benefit from the higher cloud adoption rates, as the cloud quickly becomes a necessary commodity for business development and maintenance. Cloud enablers, such as Emind, will benefit from better cloud infrastructure, which will help us support our customers in superior cloud adoption.

Emind’s cloud experts stay up to date with the rapid pace of innovation and product releases from cloud vendors such as AWS Cloud. Last year, we delivered our Cloud Architecture Workshop service, which we found to be a very valuable mode for sharing cloud knowledge and experience with our customers, while learning about their individual needs. Based on our goCloud approach, this workshop has been proven to be an important tool in kicking off successful cloud adoption.

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Next year, enterprises will continue to shift to the cloud, adopting IaaS at a much more rapid pace than in 2013, since the cloud has proven itself to be stable, and is enabled with adequate security, regulations and SLAs. The private cloud is one of the most important aspects of enterprise cloud adoption. Given that it must be integrated with the public cloud, it creates a truly hybrid cloud environment with limitless, scalable and more secure cloud deployment. Hybrid models will become more common in 2014, using the best of both the public cloud as well as on premise resources. Moreover, enterprises have already started moving their production systems to the cloud.

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The year to come will revolve around the optimization of cloud operation features, such as automated disaster recovery and optimal performance. In order to support these, we are currently in the process of developing in-house DevOps tools and are integrating with optimization systems in order to enhance our internal innovation and SLA managed services for customers. Indeed, 2014 will focus on making our customers efficient and robust clouds.

2013 was full of innovation and dedication; however the growth won’t stop there… The Emind team has some exciting plans in store for 2014.

From all of us at Emind, we would like to wish you a year of love and success, health and wealth.

Happy New Year!

Lahav Savir

Lahav Savir

Founder and CTO, Cloud Platforms

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