Five Things You Should Know About Salesforce Data Cloud to Gain a Customer 360° View

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In today’s dynamic and competitive world, the ability to efficiently leverage and utilize information and data is a game-changer for organizations seeking to enhance and maximize their customer experience. The synergy of external information sources is an excellent opportunity for any organization to consolidate, organize, analyze and personalize interactions, foster trust and loyalty, and drive growth. Salesforce’s Data Cloud enables all of that in a simple, accurate and rapid way.

In September 2023, during Dreamforce, Salesforce’s flagship event, Data Cloud was announced as free for Salesforce Enterprise and above users. This significant announcement changes the rules of the game enabling an organization to strengthen connections and gain a true 360° view of its customers –ultimately achieving efficient and profitable data-driven organizations in practice.

So what exactly is Data Cloud?

Data Cloud is an organizational data lake that centralizes and enriches all end customer data, at any given moment, from all the applications and systems the organization uses daily. This accessible repository enables all departments to implement a business strategy that generates a holistic customer journey transparently, allowing seamless transitions across different communication channels with customers (omnichannel).

Through data unification, Data Cloud serves as a real-time infrastructure for business insights, saving time and money, maximizing efficiencies, and enabling the usage of advanced AI capabilities.

What innovations does Data Cloud offer?

  1. Mapping all customer data and unifying it to create a personalized customer journey – Data Cloud consolidates all data through built-in tools – whether the data about the customer resides in the ERP system or any other application used by the organization – now this customer data across these systems will be brought together to complete the puzzle: All customer data will be unified into a complete 360° picture including “dry” information about the customer, their preferences and activity history. We can now initiate personalized communication with the customer and proactively offer them tailored proposals.
  2. More power and capabilities by using AWS as infrastructure – As part of Dreamforce 2023 and AWS re:Invent 2023 announcements, an expansion of the collaboration between Salesforce and AWS was announced. In addition to significant added storage volumes that will be available to the client, additional built-in AWS tools will now also be available securely within Salesforce. Customers will benefit from higher and more secure availability when using GenAI capabilities. It should be emphasized that Data Cloud is an agnostic product to all cloud platforms and that there is a variety of built-in connectors that also allow use by Google Cloud and Azure platform clients.
  3. Flexibility and efficiency without limits – Data Cloud can be expanded and adapted to the organizational strategy as it evolves and changes according to the dynamic market conditions in which the organization operates. Growth and expansion capabilities are unlimited. The processing capabilities of huge data volumes allow integration with many systems and with new emerging technologies and applications. Data unification takes place smoothly and continuously at all times from all applications and systems bilaterally.
  4. Infrastructure for using advanced AI capabilities and applications – A wide range of recent surveys have found that 79% of companies using AI have significantly reduced costs and resources. Data Cloud enables prudent use of capabilities and attainment of business insights while significantly saving time and money resources through process automation. It allows these insights to be leveraged using a variety of AI-based tools.
  5. Everlasting innovation – Extensive enablement of external data sources and information richness allows in-depth analysis and the ability to create innovative ideas and strategies. The sharing capabilities of information between different teams and departments in the organization encourages creativity, connects different business perspectives and views, and creates collaboration and development of groundbreaking innovative solutions.
    Data Cloud lays the foundation for a wide variety of tools, solutions and capabilities such as BI and is offered with an immediate interface to Tableau without requiring additional connections.

The multitude of capabilities and tools paves the way to strengthen customer engagement. Data consolidation, merging and enrichment enable automation and generate actionable and applicable insights that provide an exceptional customer experience.

As a leading global partner, with proven experience in implementing all Salesforce solutions in a wide range of organizations across all sectors and sizes, AllCloud sees Salesforce Data Cloud as a unique, innovative and vital solution to implement in today’s dynamic and competitive markets. Helping organizations attain accessible, data-driven business insights in real time.

To summarize, implementing Data Cloud and building an organizational, customer-focused and always-available data lake infrastructure will lead the organization to efficiency, flexibility and profitability. Through Data Cloud, the organization bridges between business strategy and information strategy, maps information assets and enables building an architecture that will maximize capabilities and focus goals to achieve a 360° view of the end customer.
AllCloud highly recommends that each organization consider the implementation of Salesforce Data Cloud.

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