EC2 ephemeral storage size per instance type

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Type Name Instance Store Volumes (Ephemeral Storage)
Micro t1.micro None (use Amazon EBS volumes)
M1 Small m1.small 1 x 150 GiB
M1 Medium m1.medium 1 x 400 GiB
M1 Large m1.large 2 x 420 GiB (840 GiB)
M1 Extra Large m1.xlarge 4 x 420 GiB (1680 GiB)
M3 Extra Large m3.xlarge None (use Amazon EBS volumes)
M3 Double Extra Large m3.2xlarge None (use Amazon EBS volumes)
High-CPU Medium c1.medium 1 x 340 GiB
High CPU Extra Large c1.xlarge 4 x 420 GiB (1680 GiB)
High-Memory Extra Large m2.xlarge 1 x 410 GiB
High-Memory Double Extra Large m2.2xlarge 1 x 840 GiB
High-Memory Quadruple Extra Large m2.4xlarge 2 x 840 GiB (1680 GiB)
High I/O hi1.4xlarge 2 x 1 TiB SSD (2 TiB)
High Storage hs1.8xlarge 24 x 2 TiB hard disk drives (48 TiB)
High-Memory Cluster cr1.8xlarge 2 x 120 GiB SSD (240 GiB)
Cluster Compute Quadruple Extra Large cc1.4xlarge 2 x 840 GiB (1680 GiB)
Cluster Compute Eight Extra Large cc2.8xlarge 4 x 840 GiB (3360 GiB)
Cluster GPU Quadruple Extra Large cg1.4xlarge 2 x 840 GiB (1680 GiB)

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