Certifications Success Stories: Overcoming Common Roadblocks

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AllCloud’s ATLAS Legend Awards celebrate those who have successfully navigated the journey to achieving their partner certifications, and inspire others to do the same! With our first set of winners in Summer 2022, we discovered what motivated them to embark on their learning journey. The second set of winners in Winter 2022 generously shared their strategies for maintaining focus. Now, the Summer 2023 winners tell us about the roadblocks they encountered on their path to success and how they overcame these. 

If you’re currently experiencing roadblocks on your certification journey, just know you’re not alone. The ATLAS Legend Award Winners’ stories will remind you that success is achievable… with just a little perseverance and determination.

Roadblock: Potential Burnout

“While on my certification journey, there were instances where I was at risk of burning out because most of the certs’ learning happened outside my regular work hours.”

Lesson learned: It is crucial to prioritize maintaining a healthy work-life balance, practice self-care, and utilize time and stress management techniques. To prevent burnout, it is important to set realistic goals and establish personal boundaries. 

These valuable lessons not only led to Gheorghe’s successful AWS certification, but also improved his resilience, productivity, and satisfaction in his personal and professional life.

Roadblock: Mental block

“I had to work late hours and be determined enough to make the switch between using the computer for work and using it to study. It can be hard to make this shift. On certain days, after finishing your workday, you may feel like spending time with loved ones, hitting the gym, enjoying the outdoors, or simply going grocery shopping…”

Lesson learned: It is possible to obtain what you seek as long as you possess a strong desire and discipline for it.

Roadblock: New resources

“The biggest roadblock along the way was the unfamiliarity with certain resources that I had not used before but were in the topics for the AWS certification exams.”

Lesson learned: To succeed, you must learn to navigate the different materials. Take courses on learning platforms like Udemy, practice with mock exams, and gain hands-on experience creating and managing AWS resources. 

“There weren’t any significant roadblocks along the way.”

Lesson learned: Get hands-on experience and understand the limitations of the product you are studying. Be bold!

Roadblock: Choosing the right resources

“There is always a roadblock along the way, such as uncertainty of which resources are best for studying or having many unanswered questions.”

Lesson Learned: Verify any answer before accepting it as true. Do it through hands-on experience or by referring to official documentation from reliable sources.


The experiences of our ATLAS Legend Award winners testify to the power of perseverance. It’s no secret that roadblocks are inevitable, but anything is possible with the right mindset and tools. The lessons learned by our award winners can serve as a valuable resource in your own journey toward the achievement of a key certification. 

Keep moving forward, stay optimistic, and remember that the road to success is never simple, but always worth it!


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