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I’m a bit late posting my new year blog… purposely. Rather than rehash the last year and talk about our accolades (although there will be a bit of that), like many others, I took a step back and started to think of what we are looking forward to in 2023 and beyond. 

Let’s start with the elephant in the room – the macroeconomics situation the tech sector in particular is facing. Business news is overrun with the latest layoffs and downturn signals, and while there is speculation on just how severe, or mild, a downturn will be, economists around the globe believe there is going to be a recession in most major economies at some point in 2023. At AllCloud, many of us have lived through the previous downturn economies, 2000/ 2001 and the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2008. In fact, my co-founders and I started a previous professional services firm, Cloud Sherpas, in August 2008. That cloud technology has fared quite well during prior downturns (the 2008 GFC and 2020 COVID pandemic) is little comfort given the sheer volume of tech companies that overhired during the pandemic and are having to reorg. That’s simply not something the tech world is accustomed to seeing. 

However, one thing that has not changed is that businesses turn to cloud technology during times of uncertainty. Whether it’s to optimize costs or streamline efficiencies, cloud technology has proven to be the most effective way to grow business through innovative and competitive moat, while reducing (or at least stabilizing) costs. There is no reason to believe now is any different. Careless generalizations could lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead, there is an opportunity to see where organizational spending needs to continue, or grow. We are seeing companies of all sectors and sizes turn to cloud technology to address new business challenges, even if large “transformational” opportunities pause briefly. Organizations no longer have the luxury of pausing growth, and companies recognize that this time will pass. They must remain at the forefront of technology to stay competitive. 

So what does this mean for AllCloud? Quite simply, continued, controlled growth. AllCloud prides itself on helping our customers continuously innovate on AWS, Salesforce and Snowflake. The work we are doing around Data and Analytics and Machine Learning is bleeding edge innovation. That’s not going to change. We are looking to grow our overall business by solid high double-digit growth, while expanding into new markets, doubling down on go-to-market initiatives with our strategic partners and further building our Engage Platform, our managed services offerings, to help our customers maximize the value of cloud technology. 

That’s not to say we won’t keep an eye on the macroeconomic environment and continuous pressures on the economy stemming from inflation, the energy crisis in Europe, the war in Ukraine, etc. But we will also continue to build our expertise and knowledge in solving complex business challenges for our strategic partners; AWS, Salesforce and Snowflake with further industry specialization in the areas of consumer goods, manufacturing, technology and other verticals. You’ll see AllCloud announcing new Competencies across AWS and Snowflake and new Expert level Partner Navigator expertise with Salesforce, as well as continued growth in certifications and accreditations across our workforce.

As I look back at 2022, I am so proud of everything we accomplished. As I mentioned in my 2022 recap blog back in December, last year AllCloud won AWS Global Partner of the Year for Machine Learning, and AWS Partner of the Year individually for Germany, Austria and Israel, as well as Salesforce Implementation Partner of the Year and Salesforce Reseller Partner of the Year for Israel. We reached new heights with Competencies, Level II achievements, certifications and more. But most importantly, we took some of the world’s leading organizations and accelerated their cloud journey. We continue to help them innovate and get the most out of AWS, Salesforce and Snowflake with AllCloud’s pre-built IT-led solutions through AllCloud’s Solutions Factory. AllCloud will continue to accelerate change in 2023 and beyond. 

We couldn’t have accomplished these things without an amazing team of people across the globe. I see their hard work and dedication to helping clients innovate, build and grow their businesses on the cloud, and I have no doubt that this team will continue to drive AllCloud’s growth in 2023 and beyond.

Eran Gil


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