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While you may have heard of AllCloud Engage, you may not be aware of the full benefits for your AWS cloud management. Engage is not just another cloud solution; it transforms the standard approach to AWS management and optimization so you can get more transparency, more cost efficiency and a more streamlined engagement.

How? Read on! We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about AllCloud Engage, so you can explore the possibilities and determine what works best for you. 

1) AllCloud has been an AWS MSP Partner for many years. How is AllCloud Engage different?

The AllCloud Engage platform offers several value-added features that make your AWS engagement far more accessible, effective and cost-efficient:

  • New Service Console: Each Engage customer has their own Service Console (dashboard), providing full transparency and access to every part of their AWS activity. View all ongoing cloud operations, tasks, support tickets, communications with your AllCloud team, invoicing and more, in one centralized place. 
  • Outcome-based KPIs: AllCloud Engage takes a fresh approach to AWS management, assigning KPIs to each activity, and monitoring your cloud environment based on those KPIs. This provides a comprehensive picture of the AWS engagement and helps you understand the performance and cost-efficiency of your cloud environment.
  • 24/7 Concierge: AllCloud Engage customers are assigned their own concierge, who acts as a single point of contact for all AWS activities and needs, around the clock. Essential customers are assigned a Success Manager, and for Professional tier members, the Cloud Service Delivery Manager (CSDM) will take full control on your behalf to coordinate and manage your ongoing AWS engagement.

2) How does Engage help companies like mine?

AllCloud Engage is a comprehensive, accessible and flexible platform that provides the full suite of AWS management, optimization, support and operations according to your business needs and goals. The Engage platform connects you directly with the AllCloud team, via your 24/7 concierge and Service Console, so you get full transparency and accessibility to your cloud activity at any time.

3) What are the Engage tiers?

The AllCloud Engage service is available in two tiers: Essential and Professional. By moving your AWS billing to AllCloud, you automatically join the Essential tier. You can upgrade at any time to the Professional tier to access expanded features and services.

4) What’s included in the Engage platform?

The Essential tier covers the core needs of AWS management, including 24/7 support, FinOps cost optimization and management, Solutions Architect advisory services, AllCloud Solutions Factory and AWS training.

The Professional tier is a flexible, modular end-to-end AWS management and optimization service that you can tailor according to your cloud needs. It includes all the components of the Essential tier, and a range of additional services: Health Monitoring, Security Management, Application Delivery, Data Operations and Infrastructure Operations. Professional customers can add or remove services with full control and transparency via their concierge and Service Console.

5) What is the new AWS Partner-Led Enterprise Support?

As an official AWS Solution Provider, AllCloud offers Partner-Led Enterprise Support (PLES) as part of the Engage platform, for both Essential and Professional tier members.

Customers can access the same level of AWS support 24/7/365, with a 15 min SLA for urgent cases directly via the AllCloud team. Support service includes ticketing and monitoring until resolution, with transparency of all support issues and statuses via the Engage Service Console. 

6) Which additional add-ons can I leverage?

As part of the Engage platform, both Essential and Professional tier customers gain automatic access to documentation and resources for AllCloud’s proprietary AWS Solutions Factory and AWS training. For customers who require it, implementation of services of the Solutions Factory can be handled by the AllCloud team as an additional service. Customers can also benefit from customized AWS training programs and on-site training of their teams, based on their individual needs and goals. Customers can easily make requests and get pricing for these add-on services at any time via their Service Console. 

7) What is the pricing for AllCloud Engage?

AllCloud Engage is a modular and customizable platform, giving customers full control to pay only for their actual AWS needs. The pricing model for AllCloud Engage is value-based, so customers can choose to add or remove services at any time via the Service Console. The Service Console features a pricing calculator, so customers can examine the costs of various add-on modules with complete transparency. 

Customers can also monitor the cost efficiency of their cloud engagement in real-time via the outcome-based KPIs displayed in the console.

8) What is the SLA/SLO?

Depending on the urgency of the case, AllCloud Engage customers can expect service resolution within 15 mins to 24 hours. 

9) How do I get started?

To join the AllCloud Engage Essential tier, all you have to do is transfer your AWS billing to AllCloud. This does not incur any hidden costs or additional fees. Speak to your AllCloud representative today about how to get onboarded. Once you are an Essential member, you can upgrade at any time to the Professional tier with a customized solution from our range of modular managed services.

Considering an AllCloud Engage-ment? Contact us today and explore your best service solution.

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