Cloud Architecture Workshop

Our Cloud Architecture Workshop delivers a tailor-made approach that perfectly aligns to your business needs. Developed using a proven three-step process, we work with your team to develop the blueprint for your journey to cloud.

  1. During an introductory information-gathering session with our Cloud Architects, we’ll gain an in-depth understanding of your infrastructure – including applications and existing deployments – and the adjustments needed to meet your goals and strategies.
  2. Next, we develop a custom blueprint of your cloud environment, a statement of work outlining our efforts to get you to the cloud and a cost calculator for estimated monthly costs.
  3. Finally, we host a collaborative assessment of the blueprint and definitions with your teams to ensure all business requirements are met.

Because no two instances are the same, our workshop covers many of today’s system requirements to make sure your program is optimized for your business. This includes exploring many of the following:

  • Single / Multiple Tenancy
  • Application / Service Layout
  • External / Internal Interfaces
  • Application Data Flow
  • Data Components
  • Software and Configuration Deployment
  • Cloud Resource Usage, Adaptation and Cost Optimization
  • Security and Compliance
  • Data Protection
  • Scalability and Growth Capabilities
  • Business Continuity

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