Start managing and deploying your containerized applications on Amazon EKS & ECS.

AllCloud Special Offerings


Well-Architected Container Health Check

We offer an end-to-end specialist review of our customer’s container implementations.

The Health Check covers:

  • Container orchestration by platform assessment, evaluation and configuration
  • Security and compliance
  • Performance and scalability optimization, applications and infrastructure analysis, including review of auto-scaling configurations
  • CI/CD pipeline evaluation
  • Observability and cost optimization by methodology assessment and resource allocation through cost reduction technologies


Zero-to-Hero Application Modernization Package

The Zero-to-Hero 3-month Modernization Program enables customers to be container-ready at scale.

The program covers:

  • Delivery of long-term human, technical and organizational container credentials
  • Modernization of reference workloads to a container-based platform deployment
  • Establishment of operational readiness for running and supporting containers in production


Our ready-made EKS-based Environment-as-a-Service solution provides a well-architected environment for running containerized applications in Kubernetes on Amazon EKS. The solution focuses on two key areas: infrastructure management and application management. The EaaS solution for Amazon EKS delivers reduced complexity in building a Kubernetes environment and lowering your total ownership costs.

"AllCloud’s EKS blueprint for cluster deployment includes all the surrounding components at the click of a button. The delivery of the EKS solution is fast, with no manual interference to the infrastructural layer. This has been a gamechanger for Kubernetes management."

Elad Palombo, Cloud Solution Engineer, Bank Leumi

Why Use A Self-Service Platform?

By transforming EKS or ECS into a self-service platform, you can achieve substantial improvements in agility and productivity. With AllCloud’s solution, your developers can shift focus to core business tasks, utilizing the container environment as a self-service catalog product to simplify the consumption of complex container resources.