AllCloud Launches New Self-Service Framework for Authoring and Deploying Cloud Resources

Here’s what’s happening at AllCloud

The new IP revolutionizes how organizations can accelerate and scale their cloud adoption and operations. 

San Francisco, Calif. (September 28, 2022): AllCloud, a leading cloud professional services company, announces the launch of the Open Blueprint Engine as an addition to the AllCloud Solutions Factory. The Open Blueprint Engine will give developers autonomy over the tech stack, improve security and compliance, and decrease the time to deployment and ongoing operations of new solutions.

The Solutions Factory is growing rapidly, with new and improved solutions continuously being added to the collection. With the recent launch of the Open Blueprint Engine, AllCloud revolutionizes how customers can further leverage the Solutions Factory to automate all types of AWS infrastructure as they scale their cloud operations, freeing up time to focus on product innovation and business growth. 

The Open Blueprint Engine is an end-to-end framework for building and distributing blueprints for the components of an organization’s infrastructure, enabling AllCloud customers to create their own ‘mini’ Solutions Factory within their organization. With the Open Blueprint Engine, customers can author, deploy and share best-practice blueprints with their own teams and create solution templates that are specific to their company’s needs, all while using AllCloud’s pre-built structure. 

The comprehensive end-to-end framework supporting the full lifecycle for authoring blueprints is accessible to the organization through the AWS Service Catalog – the cloud-native centralized product catalog – and allows customers the ability to quickly get their blueprints published, deployed and updated.

The Open Blueprint Engine also comes with a native reporting and analytics capability, providing the authors, and the entire organization, with complete visibility to the engine activities, tracking blueprints versions, and deployment accounts to ensure that the self-service platform achieves standardization and compliance.

Launched in 2021, AllCloud’s Solutions Factory is a collection of fully automated, ready-to-deploy, and ‘pre-baked’ AWS CDK and CloudFormation templated architectures, created to expedite cloud adoption and expansion. The Solutions Factory is an added-value feature offered as part of AllCloud Engage, the outcomes-based managed services framework for strategic AWS customers. 

“The majority of an average developer’s working day goes towards the upkeep of infrastructure, instead of helping their organization innovate or bring new products to market, the Open Blueprint Engine changes it, and improves developer productivity” said Lahav Savir, CTO and Founder, AllCloud. Our new Open Blueprint Engine is a special type of IP that we developed to allow our customers the ability to create their own solutions using our structure, frameworks, and best practices and efficiently distribute them across their organization.”

The Solutions Factory IP solutions are designed to help AllCloud customers scale operations by speeding up their AWS development and perfecting, maintaining and enforcing secure, best-practice-based processes across AWS and their teams. With the continued expansion of the Solutions Factory, now including Open Blueprint Engine, AllCloud serves customers with automated solutions that support excellence, efficiency, and growth, wherever they are on their cloud journey.

About AllCloud

AllCloud is a global professional and managed services company providing organizations with the tools for cloud enablement and transformation. Through a unique combination of expertise and agility, AllCloud accelerates cloud innovation and helps organizations fully unlock the value received from the cloud. 

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, a Salesforce Platinum Partner and Snowflake Premier Partner, AllCloud helps clients connect their front office and back office by building a new operating model that allows them to harness the benefits of cloud technology and data analytics. With the incorporation of our IP-based solutions into customer’s roadmaps, AllCloud also enables an increased productivity engine for clients and allows them to achieve operational excellence on the cloud, with a secure environment, at every milestone of their journey to becoming cloud first. 

AllCloud serves clients across the globe with offices in Israel, Europe and North America.