AllCloud Launches Data Perimeter Add-On to the Next Generation Landing Zone

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AllCloud Launches Data Perimeter Add-On to the Next Generation Landing Zone – Providing a Level of Defense to Protect from Unintended Access to Data

Customers will benefit from a “triangular security solution” that deploys a set of preventative guardrails to help ensure that only trusted identities are accessing trusted resources from trusted networks 

Denver, Colorado (July 12, 2022) –  AllCloud, a global cloud services company AWS Premier Partner, Salesforce Platinum Partner and Snowflake Premier Partner, announces the launch of the Next Generation Landing Zone (NGLZ) Shield, its latest Solutions Factory offering. AllCloud’s NGLZ Shield is an “add-on” that provides a Data Perimeter implementation for AWS organizations that set a layer of defense for cloud resources similar to a firewall policy that protects an organization’s private network. The add-on consists of preventive guardrails that help ensure an organization’s trusted identities are accessing trusted resources from expected networks, and that aim to fight critical unintended data access patterns that in too many cases are unseen and unknown to customers.

One of the challenges organizations face is a desire to increase security in the cloud, especially intrusion and data leakage concerns caused by unintended access to their data and untrusted external data sources. AllCloud’s NGLZ Shield provides guardrails that act as “always on” boundaries to help protect an organization’s data across a broad set of AWS accounts and resources. The guardrails do not replace an organization’s existing access controls, but rather help improve the overarching security strategy by ensuring that all AWS Identities, roles and resources adhere to a set of defined security standards.  

“AllCloud is focused on enhancing our customers’ security in the cloud and continuously seeking to cover security gaps and blind spots across their cloud environment,” said Lahav Savir, Founder and CTO, Platforms, at AllCloud. “With the growth of security capabilities and eventually increased complexity of cloud security, AllCloud’s NGLZ Shield greatly simplifies the implementation of Data Perimeter Protection and strengthens an organization’s security posture.”  

The NGLZ Shield is part of AllCloud’s Solution Factory. The AllCloud Solutions Factory supports every stage of a company’s cloud journey, from migration and modernization to security, compliance and DevOps, while optimizing cost and governance. AllCloud customers can now download and benefit from the NGLZ Shield add-on, as well as get our support adopting it into their current environment.

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AllCloud is a global professional and managed services company providing organizations with the tools for cloud enablement and transformation. Through a unique combination of expertise and agility, AllCloud accelerates cloud innovation and helps organizations fully unlock the value received from the cloud. 

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, a Salesforce Platinum Partner and Snowflake Premier Partner, AllCloud helps clients connect their front office and back office by building a new operating model that allows them to harness the benefits of cloud technology and data analytics. With the incorporation of our IP-based solutions into customer’s roadmaps, AllCloud also enables an increased productivity engine for clients and allows them to achieve operational excellence on the cloud, with a secure environment, at every milestone of their journey to becoming cloud first.


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