SaaS Accelerator Virtual Workshop

The AllCloud SaaS Accelerator Virtual Workshop is a free virtual advisory session conducted by AllCloud’s expert AWS Architects.

The goal of the workshop is to rapidly review a key workload within a customer product or technology portfolio and get a quick analysis on the recommended path to a cloud multi-tenant SaaS transformation. Our experts will help you evaluate where you are today in order to define your path, strategy and resources needed.

AllCloud will also evaluate if AWS SaaS Boost could accelerate your SaaS journey to the cloud.

Path to SaaS Transformation

AllCloud’s experts will lead you through a workshop consisting of:

SaaS Readiness pre-questionnaire and assessment

1.5 hr evaluation session

1-hour findings presentation + recommendations

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Why AllCloud?

AllCloud helps ISVs leverage the power of AWS to transform their business to a subscription-based billing model and to start selling on the AWS Marketplace. Transforming to a SaaS model atop AWS makes it easier for customers to buy and access your software, expanding business and creating new and continuous revenue flows. The speed of development and ability to fully secure customer data are additional technological benefits a SaaS application provides.