Accelerating SaaS-Based Modernization with AllCloud

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Making the decision to become a SaaS provider is one thing – actually executing on that change is another. 

AllCloud’s complimentary SaaS Readiness Assessment is designed to accelerate the delivery of a SaaS experience to its users. Recognizing that each software project is different, AllCloud’s AWS experts use a tailored phased approach covering multiple aspects:

  • Identification of specific roadmap and persona requirements
  • Market analysis of the specific solution segment
  • Defining and tracking of specific, essential metrics and KPIs related to the SaaS modernization project

Following this assessment, AllCloud uses a two-phased approach to dramatically accelerate the delivery of a SaaS experience to its users: 

Phase 1: AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) 

Phase 2: Modernization of current technology into SaaS

No commitment is required. This is a free, easy way to kickstart your journey towards SaaS transformation on AWS.

Why AllCloud?

AllCloud helps ISVs leverage the power of AWS to transform their business to a subscription-based billing model and to start selling on the AWS Marketplace. Transforming to a SaaS model atop AWS makes it easier for customers to buy and access your software, expanding business and creating new and continuous revenue flows. The speed of development and ability to fully secure customer data are additional technological benefits a SaaS application provides.