Accelerate Your Data Analytics Journey

AllCloud Matillion One-Click Solution

Data analytics programs hold a lot of promise. But on average, they take about nine months to get up and running.

The complexity of acquiring data, bringing it into a data warehouse and making it accessible can often can take months to complete, but with AllCloud’s Matillion One Click solution, companies can accomplish this goal in a matter of weeks, showing value to the business faster.

Realize Data Analytics Value Faster with AllCloud’s Matillion One-Click Solution

AllCloud removes common points of friction that organizations face to accelerate this journey by taking our unique experiences across Matillion, AWS and Snowflake to build repeatable, tech enabled IP on top of Matillion that can be production-ready in a matter of weeks, saving companies 75% on time to productionize their Matillion instance.


AllCloud’s One-Click Matillion Deployment solution consists of 6 main components:

  • Initial Deployment and Configuration: The initial creation of all AWS services, Matillion configurations, and Cloud Data Warehouse data structures needed to support the full environment.
  • Data Pipeline Setup Process and Quality Checks: Metadata driven pipeline setup to begin loading large numbers of tables quicker paired with components to send alerts whenever failures occur.
  • Promotion and Development Automation: Test and promote Matillion components from lower level environments automatically via API calls between Matillion and AWS.
  • Job, Server, Cost, and Performance Monitoring: A full set of metrics loaded into your Cloud Data Warehouse automatically and ready to be visualized in your BI tool of choice.
  • Upgrades and Maintenance Management: Due to your complete environment being infrastructure as code, any upgrades or maintenance with manual efforts are greatly reduced.
  • Team Productivity Improvement: With completely isolated developer environments, onboarding new developers and having developers work in parallel becomes seamless.

Timing: 3-4 weeks

Why AllCloud?

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Snowflake Premier Partner and Matillion Platinum Partner, AllCloud’s data experts help businesses deliver value across the entire cloud journey. Supported by a robust ecosystem of technology partners, proven methodologies, and well-documented best practices, we elevate our customers by achieving operational excellence on the cloud, within a secure environment, at every milestone of the journey to becoming cloud first.