Discover how AI can enhance your existing business processes, make every employee more productive and every customer experience better, while driving innovation.

With just a two week duration, AllCloud’s Generative AI and ML Assessment is designed to identify the ways AI and ML can assist your Salesforce org in achieving your goals, uncovering the opportunities that are only now possible, and providing a roadmap for implementation.

By the end of the assessment, you’ll have a clear understanding of what GPT features in Salesforce to turn on to make the most of AI for your business process across Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud, along with a roadmap for implementation. AllCloud’s consultants also provide specific direction on a delivery approach and tools needed. Assessment deliverables can be fully customized based on your particular requirements and objectives.

Being an early adopter of AI technologies allows you to gain a significant competitive advantage.

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Assessment Deliverables

Executive Visioning & Alignment

Executive Visioning & Alignment

  • Align AI/ML initiatives with strategic goals.
  • Identify areas where AI/ML can drive business growth, efficiency and innovation.
  • Understand executive priorities, pain points and aspirations related to AI/ML adoption.
  • Highlight (KPIs) and success metrics for AI/ML implementation.
Use Case Identification

Use Case Identification

  • Consider opportunities, including natural language processing (NLP), content generation, predictive analytics, anomaly detection and recommendation systems.
  • Identify and prioritize 1-2 use cases where generative AI and ML could have a significant, immediate impact 
  • Identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and pain points where AI/ML can offer tangible benefits.
Solution Recommendations

Solution Recommendations

  • Provide initial recommendations for leveraging solutions.
  • Identify suitable data platforms, AI platforms, frameworks and tools for specific use cases.
  • Educate leadership on capabilities, risks and limitations.
  • Outline an implementation roadmap with timelines, resource requirements and dependencies.