Data & Analytics Workshops

Every modernization journey starts with an understanding of needs and goals. AllCloud’s workshops help you choose the best data analytics platform for your purposes, identify the most valuable use cases for your organization, and more.

Data Analytics Workshops

  • Generative AI Discovery Workshop: Discover how AI can enhance your existing business processes, improve decision-making, and drive innovation. This two-week workshop is designed to identify the ways AI and ML can assist your organization in achieving your goals, uncovering new opportunities, and providing a roadmap for implementation.


  • Advanced Analytics Workshop: Get more from your data. This workshop will benefit teams who have already started their data journey and want to accelerate, as well as those who are just getting started and need expert guidance. You’ll learn what use cases are most valuable for your organization, and how to implement BI and/or AI/ML for better insights.


  • Data Analytics Platform Modernization Workshop: Whether you are in the process of modernization or just starting, this workshop will set you up for success. It starts with an exploration of your organization’s current state, identifies the best options for your tech stack, calculates your TCO, and gives you a plan for how to get started.


  • Transactional and NoSQL Data Workshop: This workshop is designed for those who need expert assistance to boost their database capabilities. It starts with current state exploration, identifies tech stack options, calculates your TCO, and provides a plan for how to get started.

Experience what’s possible with data.

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