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Introducing: The AWS Data-Driven Everything Program (D2E)

The ability to achieve novel results via digital transformation involving databases, analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is accessible to all businesses. Traditionally, clients have encountered difficulties during these transitions, often grappling with issues like grasping the ideal outcome, safeguarding data privacy, ensuring security and compliance, and fostering a culture centered around data.

How to start

Think Big

Envision on a grand scale by applying Amazon's working backwards methodologies, which involve the creation of a PR/FAQ document. Develop a roadmap and storyboard, outline the scope of a minimum viable product (MVP), and establish a high-level architecture, all grounded in feasibility considerations.

Start Small

Get ready by concentrating on a business use-case that is both meaningful and achievable, and make sure to specify the expected business results.

Scale Fast

Engage in a complimentary two-day workshop in collaboration with Thoughtworks and AWS. This workshop will provide a comprehensive assessment of your organization's readiness and assist you in expanding through a roadmap spanning 6 to 9 months, highlighting priority projects.

D2E Design Workshop

Day 1

Day 2

Day 1: Business Alignment

Day 1 is focussed on developing the Big Idea.

Press Release

Concentrate on cultivating the overarching concept. By day's end, we will be collaborating on a press release heralding the launch of the Think Big product, unveiling its availability to the public.


Compose a comprehensive FAQ document and craft visuals that vividly depict the future customer experience.


Establishing a Data Flywheel to articulate our innovation strategy. In the initial revolution of the flywheel, we commence with a small-scale initiative to deliver initial value, gather feedback, and incrementally incorporate additional features and then repeat. Each repetition is another turn of the flywheel.

Day 2: Technical Alignment

Day 2 is focussed on defining what the first turn of the Flywheel looks like.

Minnimum Viable Product (MVP)

Emphasize the delineation of the inaugural revolution of the Data-Flywheel, particularly in terms of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that centers around the Think Big Idea.

High Level Technical Architecture

Engage in in-depth exercises exploring data sources, transformation processes, and machine learning. AllCloud will then assess a high-level architecture and delivery plan for potential implementation of the MVP and realization of the overarching Think Big vision.

Readout Structure

Our team meticulously assembles a comprehensive Readout detailing the results of the design sessions. This Readout kicks off with an executive summary, followed by in-depth descriptions of the Think Big Solution and the anticipated business outcomes we aim to accomplish.

Through the launch of the AWS Data-Driven Everything program (D2E), AWS is teaming up with our customers to enhance the pace and precision of their initiatives. We will adopt a “work-backwards” methodology to tackle concerns related to people, processes, and technology. This program will harness targeted use cases to kickstart the data flywheel, leading to the creation of value-driven results at every stage of building a data platform.


Are you interested in incorporating Data-Driven Everything (D2E) into your organizational framework to expedite your transition towards a more data-centric approach?