Case Studies

Digital and hybrid event platform in an ISO-certified AWS environment


VOK DAMS worldwide is an international communications agency for events and live marketing. Across the company’s 9 locations, its approximately 300 specialists create brand identities via events, exhibitions, roadshows and showrooms – in live, digital and hybrid versions. VOK DAMS has offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart with headquarters in Wuppertal. It also has international subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bordeaux, London, Madrid, Tallinn, Vienna, Prague, New York, Philadelphia, Sao Paulo and Dubai.

The Challenge

Organizers are faced with the challenge of running their events on stable platforms and ensuring a positive experience for everyone, whether they are keynote speakers, partners or customers. In addition, the digital participants need to be involved in a creative way, such as by encouraging interaction. This is why hybrid events require a different dramaturgy to traditional live events. The smooth and secure implementation of a hybrid event – one that stands out and provides a memorable experience for people – is dependent on using a platform like the VOK DAMS Open Platform for Hybrid Events. It differs from other solutions due to its masterful interlinking of cloud computing, IT, event and live marketing.


By using AWS, VOK DAMS was able to form the VOK DAMS Open Platform for Hybrid Events. With AllCloud’s help, the VOK DAMS Open Platform solution has been optimized with AWS best practices and upgraded to the highest level of cybersecurity. AllCloud now runs the solution as a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

The VOK DAMS platform can now be integrated as needed with relevant applications depending on the event type. Single sign-on ensures that user access is secure and straightforward, while combining the applications into a user-friendly and company-branded interface.


From exhibitions and product launches to anniversaries, there are many reasons to run a hybrid event. Going forward, the ability to make an event both live and digital, merging the two together will continue to play a key role in marketing.

With the VOK DAMS Open Platform for Hybrid Events, VOK DAMS has a turnkey solution that enables real engagement. The key features of hybrid events that take place on the VOK DAMS platform include customer proximity, interaction, simultaneity and flexibility.

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