Case Studies

UPPAbaby Paves the Way to Continued Growth With AllCloud Managed Services

UPPAbaby is a premium baby product brand founded by two parents who struggled to find sturdy and stylish baby gear. Since the company’s founding in 2006, the two have built strollers, car seats, and accessories that make parents’ lives easier — without compromising baby safety or comfort. But UPPAbaby’s high-performance products are just one aspect of its continued success. The company’s ability to adapt to the digital buying landscape and its unwavering commitment to customer service are what truly set them apart.

The Challenge

As part of its strategic plan to move to a direct-to-consumer (D2C) model, UPPAbaby underwent a huge digital transformation. With the help of AllCloud’s experienced consulting team, the company implemented Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud, connected them to existing NetSuite and Zendesk instances, and created a “single pane of glass” for employees to view and act on prospect and customer data in real-time.

Overall, the project was successful — Darrell Van Meter, Director of IT at UPPAbaby shared: “When we partnered with AllCloud, we wanted a team that could deliver a best-in-class setup on Salesforce so we could better understand and service our customers. We got all of that and then some.”

But an implementation that large wasn’t a set-and-forget project. As the company’s D2C motion got up and running, company requirements changed, and the UPPAbaby system had to change with them.

For example, UPPAbaby employees began envisioning new use cases for go-to-market and support teams that AllCloud could help them bring to life. Ideally, the UPPAbaby team wanted to know more granular details like:

  • How customers interact with their marketing assets
  • Who was ordering swatches
  • The relationship between orders and warranties

Connecting all of these dots would help them convert already warm leads faster and design more customized customer journeys for their target audience. 

There were some minor fixes that needed to happen, too. Swatch Orders that hadn’t been accounted for in the original implementation are now coming into Salesforce from Netsuite. These new Swatch Customers were synced with Marketing Cloud, causing UPPAbaby to approach Marketing Cloud Contact limits. This also introduced new flow errors as new customers were created.

Without the time or expertise to handle these improvements internally, UPPAbaby needed a professional services team that could address these matters and help them maximize the ROI of their new system.

The Solution

The AllCloudteam specializes in helping companies like UPPAbaby move forward after large implementations, efficiently documenting, scoping, and completing new projects and resolving any issues as soon as they arise.

Because AllCloud already knew the ins and outs of UPPAbaby’s business, they were uniquely positioned to continue refining the company’s existing system. UPPAbaby’s leadership team also appreciated that AllCloud integrated knowledge transfer into its Managed Services, getting the UPPAbaby Salesforce admin team up to speed so that they could make additional changes down the line.

Over the course of the contract, AllCloud’s team implemented many enhancements, but three larger projects delivered the most value:

Deduping Records

AllCloud leveraged Cloudingo, a third-party app, during UPPAbaby’s initial implementation to dedupe data from Zendesk and NetSuite as it came into Salesforce. But as with any project, more duplicates popped up post-deployment, on the Account and Warranty objects. 

To keep the system clean, AllCloud’s Managed Services Team created two recurring Cloudingo jobs to automatically merge these records, eliminating the need for UPPAbaby team members to delete them manually. So far, these two jobs have merged roughly 40,000 records.

AllCloud also encouraged the UPPAbaby team to be more selective about the customers they pull into Marketing Cloud for nurture campaigns. Instead of syncing all of them from NetSuite, the AllCloud team created filters for customers who’ve ordered swatches or made a purchase and have a verifiable email address, making the data more actionable.

Streamlining Order Management

The UPPAbaby marketing team wanted to be able to track customer swatch orders and order warranties to refine their targeting and nurturing strategies, but that information wasn’t currently available in Marketing Cloud. So AllCloud Managed services brought over that information from NetSuite, allowing UPPAbaby to better understand customer order behavior and evolve its D2C processes.

Now, marketers have access to:

  • Swatch orders
  • Last purchase date 
  • Last purchase order details
  • Warranty updates

Connecting Calendly to Salesforce

Calendly wasn’t included in UPPAbaby’s initial Salesforce deployment. But as a key sales tool, reps were struggling without it. AllCloud’s Managed Services team not only activated the integration but configured it to further UPPAbaby’s efforts to connect more deeply with their customers.

Today, UPPAbaby’s team can:

  • See canceled Calendly appointments and the cancelation reason, prompting them to follow up if the customer hasn’t rescheduled
  • Identify hub customers in Boston, Brooklyn, Santa Monica, and Toronto
  • See meetings in Salesforce as events with corresponding contact and location details

The Results

With AllCloud’s expertise and guidance, the UPPAbaby team has laid the foundation for improved sales, marketing, and service workflows while capitalizing on all of the features Salesforce has to offer. 

The company’s steady progress with AllCloud Managed Services has only fueled more positive change. In the coming months, UPPAbaby and AllCloud plan to work together on more projects, such as:

  • Refining customer hubs based on shipping address
  • Tracking returned orders to understand who has returned and why
  • Enriching Marketing Cloud contacts while abiding by Salesforce limits

With AllCloud’s team at the ready, UPPAbaby is poised to handle any challenges and opportunities that come its way, accelerating the company’s growth and upholding its promise of high-quality customer service.