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Salesforce optimization by AllCloud supported scale of medical emergency services during the COVID-19 crisis

About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is the largest independent fully-volunteer national emergency medical services (EMS) organization in Israel. It has over 6,200 volunteer EMTs, paramedics and doctors, from all sectors of Israeli society, working 24/7 on a volunteer basis, who respond to medical emergencies whenever they occur and save lives. United Hatzalah fields more than 1800 calls per day, and has a national average response time of between 90 seconds and 3 minutes. All services provided by the organization, including ambulance transport to the hospital when available, are free of charge. 

The organization relies on donations from all over the world to support its activities and supply its volunteers with most advanced medical equipment, this includes staffing and stocking a fleet of ambulances and ambucycles (first response motorcycles), as well as providing a full complement of medical and emergency equipment to each and every volunteer. The management team collaborates with AllCloud for integration, maintenance, and optimization of Salesforce software for operations, fundraising, and volunteer management. During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, United Hatzalah coordinated several special projects, such as coronavirus testing, incident response for coronavirus patients, transporting the homebound and elderly to vaccination stations, and more.


United Hatzalah uses Salesforce to manage their entire life-saving volunteer-based activities, including donations, incidents, vehicles, equipment and volunteers. For several years, AllCloud has been the go-to partner for the organization’s Salesforce strategy and operations, providing best practices advisory, troubleshooting, integration and ongoing optimization of the Salesforce environment. 

During the global pandemic, the organization had to ramp up their Salesforce integration to support rapid expansion of medical services and support. Thanks to the smooth and effective Salesforce integration and management, United Hatzalah has been involved in executing half a million COVID-19 tests, tens of thousands of transfers of coronavirus patients to state-run isolation “hotels”, incident resposne to more than 90,000 emergency calls relating to coronavirus, and tens of thousands of transfers of elderly and homebound individuals and Holocaust survivors to vaccinations stations to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. These activities provide vital medical and humanitarian support to Israeli society, particularly the more vulnerable populations, during a time of national and global emergency.


United Hatzalah is a large, complex, fast-paced, and dynamic organization, which provides 24/7 rapid response emergency medical services nation-wide. It is supported by the generosity of its donors. 

The organization must continually track donor activity, and maintain communications with donors to ensure ongoing support. For example, donors can elect that their funds go towards a specific piece of equipment, such as an emergency ambucycle or ambulance. It is important that the organization track and update donors on the life-saving impact of their donation over time, to show appreciation and encourage future donor engagement. 

United Hatzalah manages a team of over 6,200 volunteers from all over the country, organized in shifts and locations to optimize availability and ensure rapid emergency response times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization had to increase its operations and donor support for a range of unprecedented projects and activities. All of this required a fast and effective optimization of Salesforce that could facilitate the necessary coordination of operations.  


As the long-time Salesforce partner for United Hatzalah, AllCloud has been involved in a range of projects for the organization, including:

  • Ongoing support for all Salesforce requirements, including advisory, strategic planning and customized development
  • Creating a roadmap for migration from Salesforce Classic to Lightning
  • Optimizing work processes with Salesforce Flow
  • Planning of a Salesforce-based call center solution for fundraising telemarketing 
  • Planning Pardot marketing automation integration 

These activities are critical to assure United Hatzalah’s expanding operations, and particularly to support special emergency projects during the global pandemic.


With the expertise of AllCloud, United Hatzalah has created a powerful Salesforce infrastructure that can scale with the organization over time, in accordance with changing needs, as was evident during the global pandemic. With 250 users, the centralized Salesforce environment is accessible for all parts of the organization, including tracking and coordination of volunteers, equipment, donors, fundraising  and operations.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, the optimized Salesforce environment provided United Hatzalah with the capability to successfully coordinate and execute a wide range of life-saving services, and support the national testing and vaccination programs:

  • 270,000 incidents of providing medical assistance to coronavirus patients
  • 90,000 responses to calls to the United Hatzalah 1221 emergency hotline
  • 22,000 transfers of coronavirus patients to isolation “hotels” in collaboration with Homeland Security
  • 500,000 COVID-19 tests, administered in the patients’ homes, testing centers, and drive-through testing stations
  • 15,000 transfers of elderly and frail individuals to vaccination stations


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