Fintech SaaS Provider Scales to New Levels of Growth and Security with AllCloud Engage


About Skale

Skale is a provider of fintech solutions and a SaaS-based CRM platform for a global customer base. The Skale CRM platform is secure and customizable, enabling customers to scale their business with complete confidence in the protection of their data and assets. In recent years, Skale has grown rapidly, with an increasing number of customers in the financial services and call center industry worldwide.


Skale is a CRM provider for financial services companies, with a rapidly growing business and increasing need for management, monitoring and optimization of its AWS infrastructure. As the system scaled, the Skale team realized they could no longer cope with the demands to keep the AWS environment monitored and secure with the in-house team alone. So they turned to AllCloud as their chosen Managed Services Provider (MSP) Partner for AWS.

Having previously worked with AllCloud on an ad-hoc basis for cloud cost optimization services, Skale was already familiar with AllCloud’s knowledge and expertise in AWS. Skale now leverages AllCloud managed services 24/7 for comprehensive, non-stop security monitoring and management, ongoing performance monitoring and DevOps. This ensures that Skale can continue to grow and serve an increasing customer base while at the same time improving security, optimizing performance and reducing costs of their cloud system.


Just a few years ago, Skale was managing its AWS environment with an in-house team. However, as the company grew, the sheer scale of the AWS environment became too much to handle internally. The Skale management realized that they couldn’t cope with the demands to keep their systems secure, safe and continually monitored on their own. They knew they needed an expert, knowledgeable partner who could provide “always-on” AWS monitoring, security and DevOps 24/7, to ensure the integrity of their customers’ data and the optimal performance of the CRM platform for the sensitive and critical demands of the financial services industry.


Skale initially engaged with AllCloud for guidance and consulting on the issue of cloud cost optimization. The collaboration with Allcloud’s FinOps team was very successful, enabling Skale to significantly reduce its AWS bill and boost the cost efficiency of the business.

Soon after, as Skale’s customer-based began to grow, the issue of DevOps came to the fore. The Skale team knew that DevOps is critical to their business, and they now required the help of AllCloud’s experienced and certified AWS team to manage and optimize in the areas of performance and security on an on-demand basis. Skale decided to take the leap and engage in the full suite of AllCloud’s Managed Services offering, and now receives all the Engage Essential and Professional service pillars. 

Serving customers in the Financial Services industry makes Security a top priority for Skale, and AllCloud was able to provide strategic direction about how to improve the security posture, and an expert all-hands team to implement new security procedures. In addition, Skale could now rely on AllCloud to provide 24/7 security monitoring, checking for anomalies and spurious activity, pinpointing issues that demand investigation, and investigating them without delay. In addition, the AllCloud and Skale teams partnered to ensure that the security posture was always being improved in order to tighten the system and data even further. 

As a 24/7 business, Skale must be always available to manage performance and security issues, however this was simply not possible for the company. Skale wanted an AWS expert on hand at all times to identify issues and have a playbook to rectify them as quickly as possible. As Skale’s AWS MSP Partner, AllCloud is available as needed, providing the company not just with peace of mind that the issues are being dealt with in the most timely manner, but also giving access to knowledge, expertise and resources that the Skale team uses to plan out its cloud and infrastructure strategy.


After successfully engaging with AllCloud for FinOps services, Skale decided to leverage AllCloud as an MSP, taking advantage of the complete Engage Essential and Professional pillars. The positive impact on all fronts – financial, security and performance – were felt almost immediately, and the engagement is proving to provide rapid ROI on Skale’s AWS operations.

The Skale team particularly benefits from AllCloud’s proactive approach, offering strategic direction on how to continually improve security, 24/7 system monitoring and hands-on assistance and implementation of optimization projects. The AllCloud team shines in identifying anomalies and suspicious activity within the AWS environment and remediating security issues quickly and effectively.

With the help of AllCloud, Skale was able to optimize its AWS environment, reduce operational costs, and keep a strong focus on cost efficiency of cloud resources, with tightening and improving security at the same time.

“A business is only as good as the consultants or services they hire. The AllCloud team is incredibly experienced, professional and responsive, available 24/7 via phone, email, Slack and even WhatsApp, so we know our systems are in the best of hands at all times. Startups who are just building their cloud infrastructure should not wait – take advantage of AllCloud as an MSP now, so you’ll have the right foundation based on best practices from the start, saving you the headache later on.” – David Nussbaum, CEO Skale