Seeking Alpha

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Seeking Alpha Ltd. Is Live on Zuora, the Cloud-based Subscription Billing Platform


Seeking Alpha Ltd. operates a website that provides stock market opinions and financial analysis. It offers articles from market insiders, money managers, blogs, investment newsletters, and financial experts. The company serves money managers, sell-side analysts, investment bankers, financial advisors, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and retail investors. Seeking Alpha Ltd. was founded in 2004 and is based in Israel.



Two main products Pro Services and Marketplace.
Pro Service has 2 rate plans, one for the monthly and one for the annual charge. The Annual includes a discount with Freemium where the user signs up immediately, an additional discount will be configured. 30 day money back guarantee on all products. Marketplace product based on external author content with name in product title and charge back to author.

Acquiring New Customers

Acquisition through ecommerce portal, with a Zuora callout, on new subscription used to trigger the entitlement.


Currencies: USD, with one legal entity (USD reporting). Z-Tax in use.
AOC with Israeli tax authority compliance requirement for digital signing of invoices, not possible with Zuora, so external vendor Comsign to be used in next phase to provide signing. Invoice sequencing app used to allow for separate sequence numbers for debit and credit memos.

Collecting Payments

Payment with credit card from the E-Commerce Portal using a Zuora OOTB payment gateway (Braintree).

Nurturing Customers

E-Commerce driven upsell for changes of products. (proration of charges). Cancellations via
E-Commerce (monthly cancellation at end of period, annual at any time, 30 day money back guarantee.) Zuora callouts used to update the entitlements. Price changes in the Marketplace only affect future charges.


Accounting periods monthly, with daily overtime recognition. Changes to revenue schedules used for Money Back Guarantee with rev rec starting month 2. Client is using API’s to update the schedules. Summary level and manual integration with the Netsuite.

Measuring Their Business

Standard OOtB Zuora Reporting. Seeking Alpha using ZOQL to integrate with external reporting systems.


Client plans to trial new products including free trials and additional external author content.

Scaling Their Business

Data migration of all existing clients to Zuora were completed.