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How Sarine Scales Their Diamond Cutting Technology on AWS with AllCloud


Established in 1988, Sarine has become the worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced evaluation, planning, cutting, shaping, polishing and grading systems for diamond and gemstone production.

Sarine products have become an essential tool in every properly equipped gem lab, diamond appraisal business and manufacturing plant, and today are considered essential for both diamond dealers and retailers.


Sarine’s environment is using Microsoft Windows Servers for their applications and MSSQL for database solutions. They incorporate a number of AWS services and best practices to achieve high availability, scalability all while remaining secure and managing costs.

Architecture Overview

Allcloud experts have assisted Sarine in creating a solution for Infrastructure as code using AWS CloudFormation to quickly create new environments and easily make changes to existing ones.

To manage their deployments, Sarine uses AWS Elastic Beanstalk, which automatically allows Sarine to remain scalable and achieve high availability.  To provide the the best service to its customers, high availability is one of Sarine’s top priorities, which is why their environments are deployed in two AWS Availability Zones with AWS Autoscaling best practices in place, resulting in saved time, resources and ultimately costs.

Sarine’s environment uses Amazon RDS to support Multi-AZ deployments for their DB instances running Microsoft SQL Server by using SQL Server Database Mirroring. This Multi-AZ deployment setup provides Sarine with high availability, data durability, and fault tolerance for DB instances.

Sarine utilized next-gen open source tools like Puppet for configuration management to orchestrate application deployments on their many complex environments.

AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory enables Sarine to synchronize or replicate data from their existing Active Directory in their office to the cloud allowing them to control who has access to their AWS environments.

As the global leader in diamond technology, Sarine can not take any chances and has implemented a Multi-Region, multi-continental disaster recovery site to ensure they are protected against a region failure.


As all companies with a lot a stake, one of Sarine’s major concerns was security. All of Sarine’s resources are secured in an AWS VPC( Virtual Private Cloud) according to recommended AWS Security Best Practices. On top of that AWS Services are protected by AWS ELBs (Elastic Load Balancer), safeguarding them from direct exposure to the internet.  Sarine has also secured its environment with Sophos UTM (Unified Threat Management) for VPN and NAT Gateway. AWS CloudTrail has been set up and is continuously monitoring all changes to Sarine’s environments, allowing them visibility into events including any malicious activity.

Cost Control

Sarine has mastered the art of tagging resources in order to continuously optimize their costs. This is especially important because they have multiple dev, staging and production environments. AllCloud implemented DevOps Central its homegrown utility which complements Amazon Web Services’ default behavior by allowing Sarine to perform additional tasks like turn on and off EC2 instances as well as Elastic Beanstalk to cut down costs. Sarine has worked with AllCloud’s Cost Optimization Specialist to effectively create an RI (Reserved Instance) strategy to save them a significant amount of money in the long run.


Over the last 5 years, Sarine and AllCloud have worked hand-in-hand to resolve all their cloud environment issues. Sarine benefits from AllCloud’s 24/7 Monitoring and Incident Management with a 15 min SLA, throughout our professional work together, AllCloud has helped Sarine improve their services, perfect performance and create best practices based on reocurring incidents.